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82% of Indian Students Concerned About Adapting to Unfamiliar Curricula Abroad, Educate Online Survey Finds

By   /  October 5, 2023  /  Comments Off on 82% of Indian Students Concerned About Adapting to Unfamiliar Curricula Abroad, Educate Online Survey Finds

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Delhi, India – Educate Online, a leading edTech startup specializing in distance education, has conducted a comprehensive survey shedding light on the formidable challenges faced by Indian students pursuing international higher education. Over half of the respondents (56.52%) expressed apprehension about academic disparities when considering international education.

One of the standout findings is the high percentage (82.61%) of respondents expressing concerns about adjusting to unfamiliar curricula in international educational settings. This points to a growing demand for robust support systems, including academic counseling, to facilitate a smooth transition for students as they navigate diverse academic landscapes.

Moreover, the majority (73.91%) of respondents reported moderate confidence in adapting to new cultural environments, indicating their readiness for diverse experiences. While encouraging, this should not overshadow the ongoing need for Indian educational institutions to provide cultural sensitivity training and peer support programs, fostering a truly global perspective.

Language barriers and their potential impact on academic performance are another significant aspect. Among respondents, 39.13% acknowledged that language barriers could pose challenges but were actively working on improving their language skills. Further, language proficiency emerged as a critical issue for 26.09% of respondents. These findings point towards the need for holistic language support initiatives and enhanced language programs within the Indian education system to equip students with the linguistic skills required to thrive abroad.

Devasya Vara, Student of University of Toronto, placed via Educate Online academic counselling, said, “The ability to adapt and thrive in diverse cultural environments is a skill highly sought after by employers. It’s not just about academics; it’s about preparing students for a global workforce.”

Amit Saneja, CEO, India, Educate Online, shared his insights on the survey’s findings: “The survey results unequivocally underline the pressing need for strengthening the academic landscape in India with a global readiness eye. As students increasingly prepare for a globally integrated future, it is our responsibility to equip them with the requisite tools and guidance to navigate the complex landscape of international education successfully.”

“The struggles faced by Indian students in obtaining admissions to international universities have motivated us to develop comprehensive solutions that bridge the curriculum gap and enhance their competitiveness. At Educate Online, we are dedicated to providing holistic support to Indian students, ensuring they not only gain admission to prestigious institutions but also thrive academically and culturally in a global context.”, Saneja  added further.

Educate Online’s innovative programs not only prepare students academically but also offer comprehensive guidance throughout the application process. By bridging the curriculum gap and enhancing students’ competitiveness, Educate Online ensures that students are well-positioned to succeed in their pursuit of higher education.

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