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ASTS Global Education Makes Students Industry-Ready With Certif-ID

By   /  April 5, 2021  /  Comments Off on ASTS Global Education Makes Students Industry-Ready With Certif-ID

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BANGALORE, India :  ASTS Global Education  Inc. is a pioneer technical training provider. An ISO 9001:2008 Certified company, ASTS Global Education aims to provide top-notch education by industry experts. Students are equipped with in-demand job skills in domains like oil and gas, piping and structural engineering design and analysis, marine / offshore structural engineering and solar power engineering.

ASTS Global Education aims to create a robust pool of young, talented individuals with advanced knowledge and credentials required to get jobs in the fast-paced technology industry.

“We believe that the skills gap can be bridged with proper training experience and verifiable credentials. We intend to upskill our students and provide them with a competitive edge, making them a perfect fit for the industry,” said Shanil Muhammed, Managing Director – ASTS Global Education India Pvt Ltd. “Through the Certif-ID platform, we are revamping our certificate issuance, tracking and verification process. This will amplify our student’s visibility, ensure security and educational continuity.”

“Our approach is to support ASTS Global Education and provide a technologically advanced system that will not only simplify task-heavy processes but also boost student enrollment and quality of learning,” said Mike Wild, Director, Certif-ID. “Certif-ID is designed to add to the benefits that ASTS Global Education already offers, levelling the playing field for students and improving access to global jobs.”


Brand Protection- Strengthens its brand against fraud, taking advantage of blockchain technology to issue tamper-free, traceable certificates.

Operational Efficiency- Improves efficiency by adopting a robust SaaS platform to automate and streamline the entire student certification process.

Data Analytics- Uncovers marketing opportunities and delivers relevant courses by collecting, monitoring and analysing data across the organisation.

Digital Certificates: A Faster, Simpler and Safer Option

Embracing blockchain technology transitions students’ physical records to secure, digital records, which can be accessed as and when needed, from anywhere. It increases process efficiencies, helps save time and space.

Through Certif-ID, ASTS Global Education will gain access to a platform powered by blockchain technology. ASTS Global Education can easily manage their student records and create and issue certificates through the platform. On one hand, the encrypted certificate will empower students with verifiable skills sets. On the other hand, the platform helps in reducing labour intensive administrative processes.

Apart from issuing blockchain-powered digital certificates that can be accessed and verified from across the globe. ASTS Global Education is using Certif-ID to list their courses. As the platform is skills-driven, ASTS Global Education’s courses will be visible to learners with similar interests, thereby improving their enrolment, retention and learning levels.

“ASTS Global Education was issuing paper certificates to domestic and international students. But the pandemic made it difficult for us to print and courier the paper certificates. We needed a better, more secure means by which we could manage not just the certificate issuance but also the verification process,” said Shanil Muhammed, Managing Director – ASTS Global Education India Pvt Ltd. “Using Certif-ID, we have realised that issuing digital certificates that are verifiable and tamper-proof from the ease of a computer is the way forward.”

With Certif-ID’s blockchain-powered solutions, ASTS Global Education achieves the following:

Simplified batch creation, data management and certificate issuance process

Ability to issue digital certificates from any laptop/desktop system with login credentials

Creating and issuing digital certificates that can be instantly verified, re-issued and/or revoked

Data insights from advanced analytics to tailor course and institute offerings

Transition From Paper to Verifiable Digital Certificates

Issuing digital certificates via Certif-ID upholds certificate quality and integrity. The issued certificates are immutable or non-duplicable. Certif-ID reduces the time taken to print, sign and seal certificates before sending them to learners to zero days. It also increases the certificate verification speed, without compromising on data integrity.

Certif-ID’s innovative, easy-to-use, integrated solutions is a scale-as-you-grow platform. It is highly scalable, giving ASTS Global Education the benefits of increased efficiencies, faster go-to-market, as well as better spend and learning outcome.

“We train over 200 students every year and we needed a simple system to issue secure course completion certificates,”  said Shanil Muhammed, Managing Director – ASTS Global Education India Pvt Ltd. “We now issue digital certificates directly into student’s inboxes and Certif-ID profiles (SkillPass) for our non-government programs. It has not only helped our students but has also helped in solidifying our brand image.”

SkillPass powered by Certif-ID is used to record video CVs, generate Europass CV and to save and provide access to education and professional documents to interested recruiters. SkillPass fuels students’ visibility and growth by offering personalised recommendations based on their skills, which helps them construct their career pathway confidently.

Building Trust Through Transparency and Traceability

The Certif-ID blockchain-powered hub has supported ASTS Global Education, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, to manage course offerings and certificate issuance processes effectively.

“Certif-ID is a centralised certificate management system. It allows you to list training programs, create and manage batches, customise certificate templates by adding your own images and text. Simply upload a list of names and corresponding data to each certificate and issue certificates via email,” said Mike Wild, Director, Certif-ID.

Post signup, Certif-ID’s onboarding team helped ASTS Global Education integrate their existing LMS with the Certif-ID platform and walked them through the certificate issuance process, ensuring they have all the information and resources needed for a smooth onboarding experience.

“With Certif-ID, our team gets clear visibility into the number of enrollments in each course, the batches and certificates to be issued. Certif-ID’s data analytics dashboard is well built to display top courses and the number of certificates being verified. Certif-ID has positively benefited our brand reputation and has positioned us as a technology-advanced training institute,” said Shanil Muhammed, CEO, ASTS Global Education. “An added advantage that our students will receive is the ability to share access to their SkillPass only to those whom they choose. Recruiters with access can verify student credentials and make an apt hiring decision. We at ASTS Global Education appreciate the support we have received from Certif-ID.”

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