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Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives: Celebrating Multiculturalism at Sandip University

By   /  January 23, 2024  /  Comments Off on Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives: Celebrating Multiculturalism at Sandip University

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Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives: Celebrating Multiculturalism at Sandip University

No educational institution today can boast of a global education without actually catering to students from around the world. As technology and the internet brings us closer day after day, it has become imperative for students today to have relevant global exposure to become competent leaders and global citizens. This is what will drive a positive societal change at the global level for a better tomorrow.

As one of the top private Indian universities in Maharashtra, Sandip University is a futuristic hub of industry-synced education with students from all over India and the world. Celebration of multiculturalism and diversity is one of the primary ethos of the University. Year after year, the University celebrates its students, their diverse backgrounds, and has created a safe space with emphasis on cultural sensitivity and awareness among students.

Here are some of Sandip University’s efforts to inculcate diversity and inclusion initiatives in its students’ day to day lives:

  1. Organising Cultural Events

Sandip University holds various cultural events on campus to help students familiarise themselves with diverse cultures and ethnicities. Students are encouraged to showcase their innate culture and also appreciate the cultural diversity brought forth by their batchmates. Sandip University actively trains students to become concierges of various global cultures through sensitivity and understanding.

Every year, students are able to participate in events like Ethnic Day Celebration and Cultural Night Celebration. Sandip University organises a unique college fest named Sandipotsav, where students can participate in traditional and cultural events. These events help students develop a unique appreciation of different cultures around them.

  1. A Dedicated International Student Cell

As students from all around the globe study at Sandip University, the University has a dedicated student cell for these students. This cell is responsible for all the stages that an international student may encounter at Sandip University, right from admission to assimilation into the university.

The mission of Sandip University’s international student cell is to help students find a home away from home on the University’s campus. The cell organises various events and cultural fests to help foreign students remain attached to their culture while studying at Sandip University.

  1. Specialised Integration Programs for Foreign Students

As foreign students step into a haven of futuristic education at Sandip University, they are provided with the tools and assistance required to make their transition glitch-free. Foreign students undergo various training programs such as International Students Orientation Program, a six-month English-speaking program for non-English speakers, and specialised scholarship programs.

These programs and aids help students make a smooth transition into their educational journey at Sandip University. Besides this, the faculty members at the University are trained to assist foreign students to the best of their abilities to ensure cultural sensitivity and appreciation towards these students.

  1. A Versatile Student Support Cell

Students are very well equipped to gain relevant support regarding any issues they may be facing on campus at Sandip University. The goal is to make national and foreign students fell welcome, irrespective of their gender, cultural background, and outlook regarding traditions. Students are treated impartially and any issues regarding multiculturalism are addressed swiftly to avoid long drawn-out issues.

The student support cell also lays special emphasis on the overall physical and mental health of each student. In case any occasion may arise where a student may feel that their ethnic and cultural diversity of a student is appreciated enough, quick actions are taken by the administration to remedy the situation by finding an acceptable solution to the issue.


Students from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds find common ground at Sandip University. The goal is to train generation after generation of global citizens that have a positive and sensitive outlook towards various cultures from around the world. In a highly multicultural world, we need to create a sense of belonging and mutual respect among people from different countries.

Most top companies around the globe expect their employees to follow a strict code of respecting cultural diversity and promoting inclusivity within its ranks. Sandip University takes an active role in training students accordingly so that they can be a valuable asset to such multinational companies.

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