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Harmonizing Talent and Symphony of HR Insights: IIM Jammu’s International HR Conference and HR Conclave 6.0 concludes on a grand note.

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Jammu: Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Jammu commenced the second day of the HR Conclave with session chair and keynote Speakers Mr. Ashissh Kaul, Director – Knowledge and Advisory & Business, Head, SHRM India, and Mr. Rohith Kumar, CHRO, McDonalds India.

Mr. Ashissh Kaul, Director – Knowledge and Advisory & Business Head at SHRM India, highlighted the swift pace of change in the world. He emphasized that even in challenging economic times, there’s a continued demand for skills. The key message is that academic achievements alone do not guarantee success in the business world. Instead, the emphasis should be on aligning with organizations that value adaptability, agility, and a forward-looking mindset. Remaining up to date with technology is seen as a critical factor in thriving within this evolving business landscape.

Mr. Rohith Kumar, Chief Human Resources Officer, McDonald India emphasizes the need for HR professionals to go beyond surface-level understanding and understand the organization, especially in unique or challenging situations, in the ever-changing corporate landscape. HR goes beyond recruiting to represent workers and preserve balance in difficult situations. Adding value to the firm demands intellect and the proper mentality. Mr. Kumar also advises freshly hired corporate personnel to be ready for increasingly challenging responsibilities, even if they appear unappealing since they typically provide vital business insights. This complicated terrain is best navigated with instruction, mentoring, or help from experienced people. In conclusion, his advice emphasized thinking big while being realistic.

The second day of the International Conference on HR brought an enriching and informative conclusion to the event, with an additional ten tracks, each chaired by Dr. Amit Gupta, IIM Amritsar, Dr. Yusuf Hassan, University of South Florida, Dr. Mantasha Firoz, Goa Institute of Management, Dr. Shubhi Gupta, FORE School of Management, Dr. Kailash B.Srivastava, IIT Kharagpur, Dr. Preshita Neha Tudu, IBS Hyderabad, Dr. Sumant Kumar Bishwas, IIT Guwahati, Dr. Rambabu Lavuri, IIM Jammu, Dr. Guangpuanang Kahmei, IIM Jammu, Dr. Mamta Tripathi, IIM Jammu, Dr. Nishant Singh, Benett University, Dr. Romana Gulshani, Guest Faculty, IIM Bangalore. These tracks provided valuable insights and discussions, further cementing the success of the conference.

These tracks covered a diverse array of topics, offering attendees a comprehensive understanding of the latest developments, trends, and challenges in the field of human resources. The International Conference on HR served as a valuable platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and collaborative discussions among researchers, academicians, and practitioners. With the success of these two days, the conference fulfilled its mission to advance the understanding and practice of HR in the dynamic business environment.

The second day began with a Panel Discussion on “Navigating Cross-Generational Dynamics in a Workplace,” conducted by Dr. Barnali Chaudhary, Faculty, IIM Jammu. Rahul Bagale, Group HR Head, Force Motors Ltd.; Jaya Lakshmi, People Partner, Google; Abhinav Iyer, GAR OD Director, Intel Corporation; and Rekha Manola, Talent Acquisition Manager & India TA DE&I Program Manager, HP, were panelists. This session showed that HR goes beyond routine tasks to understand the organization and advocate for its employees. As the paper notes, generational values may challenge HR. The focus is on learning culture and India’s reverse mentorship practice. Information is everywhere but should come from trusted sources. Knowledge transfer between generations requires openness and power balance. Employee connections are reducing due to resource accessibility; thus, HR must encourage collaboration and communication across all ages to accomplish objectives. The presentation also stresses the need to maintain a civil workplace and grow as a community while sticking to CSR.

The fifth panel discussion was on the topic, “Beyond Profits: Making a Difference in Communities We Touch,” moderated by Dr. Gaana. J, Faculty, IIM Jammu. The panel featured Mr. Samuel Justus, Lead Talent Engagement – Campus at Diageo; Ms. Dipti Naidu, Manager- HRBP, Mastercard; Mr. Manoj Kumar Sharma, Head HR, Aaj Enterprises; Mr. Akshay Rakshit, Manager- HRBP, BMW Group, Mr. Shivendu Chatterjee, Designation & Company: Global Lead -Learning and Development, IQuanti. The key takeaways of this session were that HR personnel are portrayed as multifaceted role-players with various responsibilities beyond recruitment. They serve as trainers, rule-makers, and guides for employees. The importance of accountability is highlighted, positioning HR as pioneers in their roles. The differentiating factor between organizations is their values. The content also addresses the challenge of income distribution, particularly in a capitalist market. It notes the significant contribution of MSMEs to the Indian economy. To move beyond a profit-centric approach, HR is advised to focus on social impact and problem-solving. Three “Ts” are introduced as tools for HR to advance: “Plate of Thali” (Values), Employee Recognition (Taali), and Theli (Bag) – signifying what HR provides to employees.

The sixth panel discussion was on the topic, “Approaching an AI-Centric Workforce” moderated by Dr. V. Raj Kumar, Faculty, IIM Jammu. The session featured panelists ranging from Mr. Setu Shah, Global HCM Product Strategy Director, Oracle, Mr. Mibin Babichan, Associate Director HR operations, Cognizant, Mr. Yahya Rasheed, Global Head of L&D, HCL Tech, Mr. Andrews Simon, SVP TA, eClerx, Ms. Charitha Paramanandam, Head-Global HR Shared Services, Concentrix, Ms. Raeesa Naim, Director – People & Culture, Grant Thornton. The key takeaways of this session were that the speakers underlined the need for human connection in the fast-developing area of artificial intelligence (AI). If they’re visionary and adaptable, humans will overcome AI’s challenges. It was also suggested that understanding technology rather than following trends will boost development.

The seventh panel featured the topic, “The Role of HR in Patient-Centric Care: Building a Patient-Focused Workforce” moderated by Dr. Niti Shekhar, Faculty, IIM Jammu. The panelists for this session were Mr. Pankaj Phatak, Head TA, Talent & Performance Management – Global Manufacturing Operations, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories; Mr. Jayesh Vispute, Human Resource Head, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals and Ms. Mona Puri, Executive Director Human Resources India & Asia Pacific, Parexel International. Some major takeaways were that the healthcare sector demands tremendous patience and empathy due to every action’s direct and far-reaching consequences on patients. It’s essential to comprehend the industry’s operations and recognize the value that can be brought to it. Creating an organization that prioritizes patients’ results from past efforts while focusing on employees is a proactive approach. When deciding on a specialty, it’s crucial first to establish the reasons behind the choice (the “WHY”), and from there, the strategies and methods (the “WHAT” and “HOW”) will naturally follow.

The valedictory ceremony was graced by Prof. B.S. Sahay, Director, IIM Jammu, Prof. Jabir Ali, Dean Academics and Chairperson, Placements, Dr. Baljeet Singh Sani, Co-Chairperson, Placements, IIM Jammu, Dr. Guangpuanang Kahmei, Chairperson, Conference- Co-Chair, IIM Jammu, Dr. Anuja Akhouri, Conference Co-Chair and Chairperson Corporate Communications.

Prof. B.S. Sahay, Director, IIM Jammu reiterated that, “The valedictory ceremony of HR Conclave 6.0 and the International HR Conference marks the culmination of an enriching and insightful event. We are proud to have facilitated this platform for knowledge exchange, and I’m delighted to see such a diverse and engaged audience. He reiterated that the Idea of clubbing the International HR Conference and HR Conclave was to bring together academic experts and industry professionals and that the success of a conference and conclave depends not only on the panelists but also on the audience.”

Prof. Jabir Ali, Dean Academics and Chairperson, Placements, IIM Jammu, mentioned, “The HR Conclave is not a conclusion but the dawn of a fresh beginning. The HR Conclave’s central objective is to bridge the gap between industry and academia. Effective management requires a delicate equilibrium between the human touch and technological competence.”

Dr. Baljeet Singh Sani, Co-Chairperson, of Placements at IIM Jammu emphasized ” Elevating student outcomes through efficiency. In the evolving landscape of AI, hybrid work models, and healthcare, HR ensures a balance between work and life, shaping the future of both education and industry.”

Dr. Anuja Akhouri, Conference Co-Chair, International HR Conference announced the Best Paper Awards as part of the International HR Conference. The First Best Paper in offline mode was awarded to  Anisha. E and Dr. Pooja Garg for paper titled, “Speaking Volume of Silence: Unveiling Organizational Silence and Its Correlation with Employee Engagement in Indian IT Sector” and the second best paper in offline mode was awarded to Balram Bhushan for the paper titled, “Moderated Mediation Model to Foster Psychological Availability: An Evidence from Indian Manufacturing Sector.” The First Best Paper in Online mode was awarded to Dr. Kumar Ashish, Ranvijai Pratap, and Anugrah Narain for the paper titled, “Workplace Spirituality through Karma Yoga in Indian Organizations.” The second best paper in the online category was awarded to Lalmuanpuii for the paper titled ‘The hurdles of mediation and intermediation in real estate: A study of North Delhi rental brokers’.The awardees received certificates from Prof. B.S. Sahay, Director, IIM Jammu. The event culminated with the national anthem followed by the vote of thanks by Dr Atanu Dutta, Placement Officer, IIM Jammu.

The second day of the International Conference and HR Conclave 6.0 at IIM Jammu brought together leading HR professionals, scholars, and industry experts for a day of rich discourse, learning, and networking. The administrative coordination for the International Conference was handled by Dr. Nadeem Yonus Zargar, Administrative Officer, EE &C, IIM Jammu.  The coordination for the HR Conclave was done by the Industry Interaction Committee in coordination with the Placement Office and the entire event was covered by the Corporate Communication Committee (CCC), IIM Jammu. The event succeeded in its mission to foster knowledge sharing and inspire the next generation of HR leaders.

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