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IIT Roorkee Professor felicitated for Outstanding contributions towards developing technology for DRDO

By   /  June 7, 2023  /  Comments Off on IIT Roorkee Professor felicitated for Outstanding contributions towards developing technology for DRDO

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  Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IIT Roorkee) achieves another milestone. Prof Ramesh Chandra, Institute Instrumentation Centre, IIT Roorkee, was honoured at the recent DRDO-Academia Conclave organized by Defence Research and Development Organizations (DRDO) on May 25 – 26, 2023, at DRDO Bhawan New Delhi. During the event, Hon’ble Raksha Mantri Shri Rajnath Singh felicitated the Professor from IIT Roorkee for his outstanding contributions to developing technology for DRDO. Prof. Ramesh Chandra and his group designed and developed hydrophobic, optically transparent, hard and corrosion-resistant coatings to improve the service life of structural components used in the Naval submarines, which will significantly help the Indian Naval Forces.

His project titled, “Development of Corrosion Resistant Hydrophobic Coatings for the Protection of structural components under saline water applications” focuses on the development of corrosion-resistant hydrophobic coatings that will prevent degradation and improve the durability of Defence equipment in submarines, among others. He and his research team conducted extensive electrochemical and morphological studies at the institute’s facilities to ensure and develop effective hydrophobic coatings with excellent corrosion resistance capabilities.

Moreover, IIT Roorkee conducts Directed Research in research verticals with the DRDO, and the institute has multiple Centre of Excellence established for the purpose. Research areas include Smart Infrastructure and Hardened Structures for Defence Application; Energy Storage Devices; Landslide, Snow and Avalanche Studies; Pulsed Laser and Specialty Fiber; Shock and Detonics; Thermal Management and other-identified verticals for critical and futuristic defence technological requirements of DRDO. IIT Roorkee also has centres for Design (Mathematical modelling and simulation of Elastomer based shock absorption system, fabrication of High-Quality Nanostructured Piezoelectric Thin Films for MEMS Devices, and optimizing the number of fire detectors in crew compartments of Armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs), among others.

The total number of Research Projects IIT Roorkee had with DRDO in the last five years is 44, out of which 21 Projects are ongoing, indicating the sustained collaborative effort between the two institutions. The rest 23 are having completed status. The seven consultancy projects during the same period further showcase the expertise and knowledge exchange between IIT Roorkee and DRDO.

On the auspicious occasion, Prof K K Pant, Director, IIT Roorkee, congratulated Prof. Chandra and stated, “Majority of industries are inherently faced with the problem of corrosion and steps for protection of materials from corrosion has been a topic of large interest to them. The advanced coating techniques developed by Prof. Chandra and his team have the potential to benefit multiple industries such as marine, pipeline, aerospace, automobiles, chemical, biotechnology processing plants, and construction. This recognition further emphasizes the importance of their research in addressing the pressing issue of corrosion and its implications for industry and national development.”

Prof Ramesh Chandra, Institute Instrumentation Centre, IIT Roorkee, highlighted, “Hydrophobic coatings have been proven to significantly increase the life span of materials prone to oxidation/corrosion, resulting in huge material and cost savings. Such advanced coatings technologies have immense market potential for various applications such as marine, pipeline, aerospace, automobiles, chemical, biotechnology processing plants, and construction industries.”

The recognition bestowed upon IIT Roorkee highlights the institute’s exceptional achievements and contributions to developing technology for national defense, specifically in the context of the Defence Research and Development Organizations (DRDO). By designing and developing hydrophobic coatings to enhance the service life of structural components in Naval submarines, Professor Chandra has made significant strides in improving the durability and corrosion resistance of defense equipment.

Furthermore, this recognition also sheds light on the crucial role played by academic institutions, in this case, IIT Roorkee in advancing technology for national defense and industrial development. Institutes like IIT Roorkee serve as important centers of excellence, nurturing talented individuals, conducting cutting-edge research, and collaborating with defense organizations to address critical technological challenges. Their efforts contribute not only to the defense sector but also to various industries that can benefit from advancements in materials, coatings, and related technologies.

By acknowledging Professor Ramesh Chandra’s achievements and the role of IIT Roorkee, the recognition emphasizes the importance of collaboration between academia and defense organizations in driving innovation, fostering technological advancements, and ultimately strengthening the nation’s defense capabilities and industrial growth.

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