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One Day Symposium – Advancements in Manual Therapy

By   /  November 12, 2022  /  Comments Off on One Day Symposium – Advancements in Manual Therapy

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 In lieu of the growing advancements in Manual therapy, Faculty of Paramedical Sciences in collaboration with the office of the International Affairs of Assam down town University ( AdtU) conducted a one day symposium .
The two main speakers were Dr. Chirag Verma ( Chief Instructor, Academy of Exercise Health and Therapy ) and Dr. Christian Villella (University Professor of Manual Therapy), Italy, Europe; who showed a vivid perspective of the advances in manual therapy techniques and its success by various video demonstrations including his own practices .

Manual therapy has a long history within the profession of physical therapy and physical therapists have greatly contributed to the current diversity in manual therapy approaches and techniques.

Mechanical explanations were historically used to explain the mechanisms by which manual therapy interventions worked.

Contemporary research reveals intricate neurophysiologic mechanisms are also at play and the beneficial psychological effects of providing hands-on examination and intervention have been substantiated

Dr. Abhijit Dutta (Associate Dean, Faculty of Paramedical Sciences) curated the symposium as its Convener. The students were provided with various demonstrations that made this symposium a success.

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