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SHAREit makes campus appearance at Indian University Culture Festival in 2017

By   /  May 8, 2017  /  Comments Off on SHAREit makes campus appearance at Indian University Culture Festival in 2017

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New Delhi:  The Indian University Culture Festival was held as scheduled amid cheers in 2017. More than 15,000 Indian university students and tens of thousands of internet fans participated interactively in the event through SHAREit, the popular free file transfer app, and enjoyed an extraordinary experience which fused internet technology with traditional culture.

As an important partner of the Indian University Culture Festival, SHAREit’s frequent interactions with audiences via its Facebook page combined with a series of exciting events organized by three universities including PES University in Bangalore offered students the opportunity to share their passion by using SHAREit to tell others about their experiences. At the same time, SHAREit’s high level of brand exposure received a great deal of attention from the media.

At the event, SHAREit delivered a feast for the eyes to university students with dynamic music, exquisitely choreographed dance routines, fashion shows and Mansheel Gujral’s soulful singing, making the event one that students will remember and treasure for a lifetime. SHAREit’s presence was felt everywhere on the university campuses where the festival was held, with limited-edition SHAREit t-shirts, wristbands and stationery that were rolled out at the time of the event and that quickly became must-have items among students.

SHAREit has become one of the fastest growing mobile web firms globally, with more than 1 billion registrants worldwide, among which more than 400 million are monthly active users. Many people’s lives have been changed by SHAREit.

During the course of defining the company’s growth strategy, SHAREit attached great importance to the Indian market. With more than 300 million users, the market accounts for 30% of SHAREit’s total users globally. University students who are actively social have shown themselves to be more than keen to share their daily lives with others who are members of this fastest growing user group.

To be a friend and important partner of university students when it came to sharing the story of their daily lives was what SHAREit has always wanted to be. And now, with the attention they have garnered at the Indian University Culture Festival, the company has come to the realization that the dream has come true.

In addition to the on-site events held on campus, SHAREit launched discussions on its Facebook page about the cultural festival. Every piece of content, ranging from posters to featured games and questionnaires, were commented on by multiple followers.

Many of the college students welcomed and played the series of entertaining interactive games SHAREit rolled out on Facebook. Hundreds of thousands of followers posted their likes and comments to the SHAREit Facebook page. In addition, the venues where the three campus experience events hosted by SHAREit took place were fully packed by college students. With the passage of time, it is becoming quite clear as to the extent that SHAREit has expanded and is continuing to expand its influence in India and how the app is becoming the go-to app for file sharing amongst young consumers.

College students, a group that is a key target for almost every kind of business, are also part of a demographic for whom social sharing as well as the security of the content they are sharing are critically important. SHAREit has facilitated content sharing between individuals by building a file sharing mechanism that transfers the files at lightning speed, allowing users to share information all that much more quickly.

The overwhelming enthusiasm expressed by college students at the Indian University Culture Festival not only demonstrates SHAREit’s unmatched appeal across the community, but also reaffirms the company’s growth potential in the Indian market.

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