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Simplilearn and Purdue University Online Unveil Cutting-Edge Generative AI Program for Business Transformation

By   /  May 9, 2024  /  Comments Off on Simplilearn and Purdue University Online Unveil Cutting-Edge Generative AI Program for Business Transformation

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SAN FRANCISCO  — Simplilearn, the world’s leading online bootcamp provider, has strengthened its partnership with Purdue University, renowned for its unwavering commitment to innovation, research, and education. Together, they proudly announced the launch of the  Generative AI for Business Transformation program. As the global demand for Generative AI skyrockets, with projections* soaring to $667.9 billion market by 2030, boasting a staggering annual growth rate of 24.4%, this program emerges as a pivotal force in the transformative journey into the Generative AI domain.

The program offers a comprehensive understanding of Generative AI and its applications across business functions such as sales, marketing, software engineering, customer service, data analytics, and product research & development. It empowers learners with the skills to automate tasks, predict trends, generate code, and personalize content using Generative AI and navigate its ethical considerations. From automated copywriting to predictive analytics, the program helps learners foster responsible and effective use of GenAI across diverse domains.

Learners can expect a dynamic learning experience with over 50 hours of live online classes, exposure to prominent Generative AI tools, and masterclasses conducted by the Purdue faculty and staff. Professionals will master the essentials of Generative AI, including LLMs, prompt engineering, ChatGPT, its applications and benefits to drive business outcomes.

Upon successfully completing the program, learners will receive a certificate jointly issued by Purdue University Online and Simplilearn and access to Purdue’s Alumni Association membership for global recognition.

The program is suitable for professionals with over 5 years of work experience, proficiency in English and an eagerness to leverage Generative AI to solve real business problems. The program is designed for a diverse range of professionals, including business Leaders, C-suite executives, mid-senior level managers, functional heads, consultants, technology professionals, data professionals and entrepreneurs.

Speaking about the program, Mr. Anand Narayanan, Chief Product Officer of Simplilearn, said,”Our collaboration with Purdue University Online brings together the excellence of the world’s leading online bootcamp provider and leading academic institution known for its commitment to innovation, research, education, and expertise in the AI and ML fields. This program will empower business leaders, mid-senior level managers, functional heads, and technology professionals with the skills to stay at the forefront of industry advancements. With Gen AI at its core, learners will be equipped to navigate in today’s dynamic AI landscape, fostering responsible innovation, and business transformation ideas.”

Dimitrios Peroulis, Senior Vice President for Purdue University Online, said, “As a beacon of academic excellence, Purdue University Online is excited to partner with Simplilearn in delivering a transformative learning experience through the Generative AI for Business Transformation program. This collaboration reflects our commitment to providing high-quality education and preparing professionals for the challenges and opportunities presented by emerging technologies like Generative AI.”

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