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The Future of Learning: Industry-aligned Curriculum and Teaching Methods at Sandip University

By   /  January 16, 2024  /  Comments Off on The Future of Learning: Industry-aligned Curriculum and Teaching Methods at Sandip University

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The Future of Learning: Industry-aligned Curriculum and Teaching Methods at Sandip University

Any degree program’s curriculum and pedagogy can either make or break its students’ career. A college’s course curriculum needs to be upgraded to include industry-relevant topics and training modules to ensure that students are transformed into employable professionals through the duration of the program. While many government-led colleges have to rely on permissions and approvals from regulatory bodies, top private universities in Maharashtra like Sandip University are free to upgrade the curriculum of programs offered by them without any such restrictions.

Hence, the educational standards of Sandip University, which is also recognised by the University Grants Commission (UGC), are very high. They have taken the necessary steps and actions to ensure that the curriculum is updated every semester to include topics and training modules that are industry-aligned. Here are the top strategies implemented by Sandip University to provide students with an industry-synced curriculum and follow futuristic teaching methods:

  1. Regular Consultation with Industry Experts

The course curriculum for all programs offered at Sandip University is designed after consultation with top industry experts. Their valuable inputs are considered to ensure that the curriculum is aligned with current and futuristic trends in the industry. The objective is to provide students with a well-rounded education that stands the test of time. This also ensures that the degree they earn upon graduation is renowned globally.

  1. Integration of Value Addition and Global Certification Programs

A wide range of value addition and global certification programs are integrated into the course curriculum at Sandip University. These programs improve each student’s technical knowledge as well as soft skills to help them become more employable in the future. The certification programs are globally-recognised, making an excellent addition to a fresh graduate’s resume.

  1. Training in High-Tech Labs

Sandip University offers various programs in fields like engineering, computer science, pharmaceutical science, and sciences. As these are technically-inclined fields, Sandip University has created subject-wise labs where students can enhance their technical knowledge and hands-on skills in their field of study. Each lab is equipped with the most advanced equipment to provide the best training to students.

  1. Highly Qualified and Experienced Faculty

An advanced curriculum can only go so far as the faculty responsible for teaching it. Most of the faculty members at Sandip University hold qualifications from IITs, NITs, IIMs, and other top educational institutions across the nation. They bring with them a vast pool of knowledge and experience that they impart to students. Sandip University regularly conducts faculty development programs to help them further enhance their teaching expertise.

  1. Collaboration with Top Global Universities

Many top global universities and educational institutions have partnered with Sandip University to facilitate a global exchange of ideas and educational standards. This collaboration leads to designing a better curriculum, enhanced research opportunities, advanced student and faculty development programs, and even many international competitions. It is a beneficial exercise that helps students become globally-relevant professionals.

  1. Focused Skill Development Opportunities

Besides focusing on classroom and lab-based training, students at Sandip University are also trained through industry-relevant skill development programs. These programs include dynamic workshops, seminars, webinars, guest lectures by industry experts, industrial visits, inter-college competitions, and much more. These activities are often curricular and co-curricular in nature to help students gain practical understanding of the topic at hand.

  1. Global Immersion Programs

Sandip University conducts global immersion programs to help students gain a better footing in the global sphere. These programs are conducted in collaboration with global educational partners and students have the opportunity to travel to a unique destination. The goal of the global immersion programs is to help students venture out of their comfort zone, understand what it takes to aim for a global career, and help them become better working professionals in the long run.


These are some ways in which Sandip University ensures that students receive a very futuristic education and training. The curriculum and teaching methods are regularly modified to suit the latest industry standards. The world is changing at an unimaginable rate, and Sandip University understands the need to equip students with an education that will last them for many decades to come.

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