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Top Tips for Building a Strong Diverse Team

By   /  April 11, 2023  /  Comments Off on Top Tips for Building a Strong Diverse Team

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Top Tips for Building a Strong Diverse Team

Diversity is a form of cultural awareness that promotes innovation, creativity, and productivity in the workplace. Diversity is important in this age, not solely because of publicity, but also for a thriving business. It can be applied in terms of educational background, cultural background, or physical ability.

It is typical for hiring managers to choose candidates similar to their current employees who already deliver excellent work. However, this can end up limiting representation on a team, which may limit the creativity and success of the company. According to Zippia, companies with greater gender diversity outperform companies with little or no gender diversity by 21 percent.

Seven Helpful Tips for Building a Diverse Team

You must start from the foundation to build a diverse team of high-performing professionals. This will help eliminate any intentional or unconscious bias lurking in your organization. Below are some steps that can help you achieve this.

1.   Educate Your Current Employees

The first step to building a solid and diverse team is to educate your current employees on the importance of diversity. They should understand that diversity goes beyond just gender and race, and can include religion, educational background, physical ability, and financial background. When your employees understand the importance of diversity, it’s easier to make it a part of your company culture.

2.   Have A Defined Recruiting Strategy

When you begin to practice diversity in your workplace, you need to then work on hiring a diverse team. This starts with developing a hiring strategy that prioritizes diversity above all. The recruiting panel should understand that you aren’t hiring the same employees you already have, but a more unique and diverse team that can contribute significantly to the organization’s growth.

For instance, when hiring a software engineer, you could be open to hiring those from coding bootcamps as well as those with a traditional four-year college degree. Many of the best in-person and online coding bootcamps are more accessible than traditional universities to underrepresented communities in tech.

3.   Have A Diverse Interview Panel

Your focus is to build a diverse team, but this will be a struggle when the hiring team is not diverse enough. The interview panel should include professionals of different educational backgrounds, races, and experiences. This will not only make your applicants feel more comfortable, but it will also provide a good outlook for your company, encourage the candidates, and remove bias.

4.   Encourage Inclusion

Each team member should feel welcome and comfortable in the workplace; otherwise, it will lead to a lack of productivity. When your employees understand that they are a part of the team and inclusion is valued, it creates more room for creativity and innovation and increases productivity. Inclusive behaviors can be encouraged through events that celebrate diversity and by adding diversity to your policy.

5.   Make Your Employees Feel Heard

Your employees are vital to your organization, and they often have a unique perspective on how it can be improved. It is important to listen to suggestions or ideas that can help your company. By doing this, you build a strong connection with them that could increase loyalty.

6.   Make Your Employees Feel Valued

You can make your employees feel valued by appreciating them when they contribute significantly to the team, achieve a feat, successfully bring in new clients, or profit the company.

You can increase their benefits and offer perks when the company exceeds expectations or reaches new heights. This will build the connection and loyalty of the team and motivate them to do even better.

7.   Celebrate Cultural Differences

Each individual has a different cultural practice that makes them who they are. You encourage diversity in your workplace by letting them know that you see them, understand them, and respect them. This can be by creating space for religious minorities to have their prayer sessions or hosting events celebrating members of the  LGBTQ+ community.


Many major companies are feeling pressure from the public to diversify their teams. But beyond the public eye, it is also essential to promote workplace diversity for the company’s growth. This welcomes a wide range of talent and skillsets that could push the organization to greater heights.

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