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HR Conclave 9.0 at MDI Gurgaon: Charting New Horizons in HR Excellence Through Data Analytics

By   /  February 17, 2024  /  Comments Off on HR Conclave 9.0 at MDI Gurgaon: Charting New Horizons in HR Excellence Through Data Analytics

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India : Management Development Institute (MDI) Gurgaon recently hosted its HR Conclave 9.0 on February 1st and 3rd, themed “Insightful Horizons: Navigating HR Excellence Through Data.”. The event held at the prestigious MDI Gurgaon Auditorium was a grand success. The event offered a platform for insightful panel discussions, networking, and knowledge sharing to the attendees and helped in exploring the latest trends and innovations in the field of Human Resources.

The conclave kicked off on February 1st with the ceremonial lamp lighting by Mr. Rajeev Dubey, Chairman of Mahindra First Choice Wheels along with the esteemed Director Prof. Dr. Arvind Sahay, setting the tone for a day filled with illuminating insights. This was followed by an inspiring keynote session by Mr. Dubey where he enlightened the audience with his immense industry insights and knowledge.

On the primary event day, February 3rd, the conclave initiated welcome speech and progressed with an invigorating address by Prof. Dr. Vidhu Gaur. It set a high tone for the day as attendees anticipated the insightful exchange that was to follow. The conclave consisted of back-to-back panel discussions, each serving as a crucible for ideas steering towards employee-centric HR transformation and the future of HR analytics.

The essence of the conclave resonated deeply within two pivotal panel discussions. Panel 1, steered by Prof. Dr. Vidhu Gaur, delved into the imperative topic of ‘Employee-Centric HR Transformation: Insights from Data Analytics.’ Esteemed panelists, including Mr. Sandeep Girotra, Executive Director & CHRO of DCM Shriram, Mrs. Poornima Garg, Country Director of Room to Read India, and Mrs. Ruchira Garg, Global HR Leader and EX VP, HR at GREY ORANGE, offered profound insights drawn from their extensive experience. The discussions underscored the criticality of discerning employee sentiment, fostering engagement, and navigating the challenges inherent in data-driven HR transformations.

Panel 2 redirected attention towards ‘Beyond Tomorrow: AI, ML, and the Future of HR Analytics,’ with Prof. Dr. Jyotsna Bhatnagar at the helm. Distinguished panellists, including Mr. Abhishek Tiwary, Mr. Parived Bhatnagar, Ms. Heena Naithani, Mr. Avadhesh Dixit and Ms. Bhavna Batra, illuminated predictive trends shaping the future workforce. Conversations delved into the transformative potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning in HR analytics.

Complementing these substantive discussions were interactive activities such as online quizzes and a compelling case competition, designed to actively engage the audience. These platforms provided opportunities for both students and professionals to showcase their prowess and expertise in the realm of HR. The case competition, in particular, showcased participants’ ingenuity and strategic acumen, with top teams presenting innovative solutions to contemporary HR challenges. 

The Case-study Competition initiated on January 17th, 2024 challenged the students to tackle real-world Talent management problems. The case which was provided by “Unstop” focused on recruitment, selection, and talent management in digital startups. The top 6 teams got a chance to showcase their solutions to our honourable panel of judges, who chose the final winners of the case competition after careful scrutinization of each of the presentations.

Throughout the conclave, speakers consistently emphasized the pivotal role of data in HR, often likened to its metaphorical status as ‘the new oil.’ The narrative of HR excellence and the power of people analytics deeply resonated with the audience, highlighting the imperative of critically scrutinizing data to glean actionable insights.

As HR Conclave 9.0 drew to a close, a palpable sense of reflection and celebration permeated the atmosphere. Prof. Arvind Sahay, Prof. Avinash Kapoor, and Dr. Nidhi S. Bisht were duly recognized for their steadfast support in conceiving and executing the conclave. Their contributions, combined with the energy and dedication of participants, underscored the resounding success of the event.

This conclave served as a nexus of knowledge and best practices, urging HR professionals and emerging leaders to chart a course of progress and innovation. HR Conclave 9.0 concluded with an inspiring message: that advancement is achieved through continuous learning and the strategic application of HR analytics.

Beyond its academic significance, this meticulously orchestrated event served as a pivotal forum for shaping the future leaders of HR. Organizers and HR professionals expressed heartfelt gratitude to all participants, speakers, and sponsors, recognizing the profound impact of these interactions in driving the ongoing evolution of HR excellence.

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