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How to choose the right school in Singapore

By   /  June 21, 2021  /  Comments Off on How to choose the right school in Singapore

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One of the most difficult decisions you’ll have to make as a parent is selecting the proper school for your child. Is it preferable to base your decision on the school’s prior academic performance? What about your child’s peers; where do they attend school? Is it true that the school’s reputation matters?

An excellent school like Invictus International primary school will not only start your child on a joyful and rewarding educational path, but it will also have a long-term impact on their friendships, hobbies, and accomplishments.

What is the difference between Singapore’s local public schools and overseas private schools?

The most significant distinctions between these two groups are in terms of cost and curriculum. Local school expenses range from roughly S$200 to $1,000 a month, depending on whether you are a Permanent Resident or a foreigner. Monthly costs for international schools range from S$1,000 to $4,500.

The Singaporean curriculum emphasises hard academics while also immersing the pupil in Singaporean culture. Foreign families wanting a specialised curriculum to help their kid transition back into their home country’s school system or to try something new that would best fit their kid’s learning requirements attend international private schools.

What are some of the most important characteristics that parents should look for in a school?

  • The atmosphere on campus. 
  • This is an academic programme.
  • The school’s reputation. 
  • The school’s size.
  • The school’s proximity to your residence. 

How important are school tours?

School tours are crucial for potential families because they allow them to receive a firsthand look at the school. Are the professors approachable? Are the facilities in good repair?How do professors and students get along? All of these are basic inquiries that may be answered on a school tour.

What are the five questions that every parent should ask before enrolling their child in a school?

The following are the top five queries that our Admissions Department receives:

  • How much do school fees cost, and do they go up every year?
  • Is it true that the costs are all-inclusive? (Do they, for example, incorporate technology, stationary, field excursions, and other activities?)
  • What country did your professors come from?
  • What is the average number of individuals in a class?
  • What is your school’s policy on bullying?

Should extracurricular activities be considered while deciding which school to attend?

Extracurricular activities are critical to a child’s overall education. These extracurricular activities help children discover new interests, form bonds with their peers and professors, and build skills that they may apply in the real world. Schools like Invictus International Primary school provide competitive and non-competitive sports, bowling, Lego club, Little Readers Club, Minecraft, photography, SAT tutoring, taekwondo, and robotics as extracurricular activities.

What about core values and community?

A school’s fundamental values represent the essence of the institution and serve as the driving force behind all of its policies, programmes, and decision-making. The key beliefs at Invictus International Primary School are:

  • A biblical perspective on the world
  • Community that cares
  • Academic superiority
  •  Personal superiority

Core values and community play a big role in a child’s learning atmosphere and development. Therefore such values should be kept in consideration while choosing a school for your kid.

What influence has the epidemic had on how potential parents assess schools?

Prospective families are now more likely to inquire about online learning possibilities as a result of COVID-19. They also want to know what best practises schools are using to ensure that their children’s educational requirements are met at home and to avoid digital weariness.

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