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MBD Group expands into Virtual Reality educational content

By   /  November 30, 2016  /  Comments Off on MBD Group expands into Virtual Reality educational content

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New Delhi:  MBD Group, the leading educational group in India and pioneer of Augmented Reality in education isset to showcase a new line of Virtual Reality based content and device at the International Book Fair in January 2017. To recall, MBD’s Augmented Reality app ‘Nytra’ launched in 2014 provides quality contents for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 of the formal education system. The launch of the app heralded the arrival of AR in Indian education as other industry players soon followed suit.

MBD’s new high quality, interactive 3D virtual reality simulations will be made available for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Additionally, the group also plans to deliver high quality VR content for vocational courses/ skill courses in the informal education sector as well.Apart from the Group’s own VR device, MBD’s VR content will be compatible with all other leading VR devices like Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift etc, for wider accessibility. MBD’s successfully running AR application ‘Nytra’ make the images and illustrations in the book come alive with voice over for better understanding of children. Nearly 44,759 online downloads and 100,000+ offline have been done for Nytra till date.

As part of its virtual reality initiative, MBD will also be developing interactive methods such as the solar system, the zoo and other educational objects/environments. Virtual interactive zones would also be created within the school premises by the Group for easy and unhindered access by the students.Also, pocket-friendly MBD branded VR devices would make it possible for each and every student to enjoy learning in the virtual world.

Ms. Monica Malhotra Kandhari, Managing Director, MBD Group said, “Virtual reality and augmented reality are the new frontiers of education and present an exciting opportunity for the sector. As the leading education company in India and a pioneer of augmented reality in the educational space, we at MBD are positioned to deliver cutting edge, up-to-date VR contents. We will be investing upwards of Rs 50 crores in the next three to five years towards development and expansion of our AR and VR educational contentsportfolio”.

“We will also be looking at the overseas market like US, UK, Singapore and China, where the market for such products has already been developed.” she added.

Packaged VR content developed from MBD Group as per latest curriculum will deliver greater engagement in both classrooms and homes of students. The scope for enhanced education using augmented and virtual reality is immense as the medium helps students and learners to become more focused, offers first-person experience and bring subjects to life, which is a huge limitation in the traditional education. As per Edgar Dale’s cone of learning, we retain 90% of what we say and do while retention drops sharply to 10% and 20% for what we read and hear, respectively. Thus an interactive 3D session in virtual reality where the participant can see, hear, and enact helps a learner gain more knowledge and deepens t he connect with the subject. Further, VR can accurately illustrate features and processes, thereby facilitating closer examination and observation.


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