NL Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research Mumbai all set to launch its School of Quantitative Science

Mumbai: The Global management education is thus undergoing a tectonic shift from a generalized liberal program to a technological skill based approach. Commonalities in Maths-Stats-Computer Science-Electronics are increasingly becoming inter operative and a new discipline popularly known as “High Tech Management” is emerging. Most of the traditional decision making is shifting towards Analytics and thus leading to the emergence of Data Science. In order to fill this significant GAP in learning outcomes and desired skills, NL Dalmia envisions to launch their prestigious School of Quantitative Science.

Director – N L Dalmia spearheading the School of Quantitative Science, Mumbai, Dr Raja Roy Choudhury says, “As business move away from ‘gut-feel’ based decisions to data-driven-decisions, it is imperative that our new manager knows how to harness the benefit of technologies.”


NL Dalmia School of Quantitative Science

The institute has initiated a change and is transforming itself into India’s premier institutes offering courses in Digital Marketing, Advanced Analytics and Information & Cyber Security. With the launch of the School of Quantitative Sciences, the institute has embarked on a mission to establish a cutting-edge in these emerging domains. With the advent of Big Data and Digital Marketing, the institute aims to germinate managers who will be tomorrow’s leaders.

  1. Dalmia School of Quantitative Science will provide the following courses:

Post Graduate Program in Big Data with SAS: The institute, collaboratively with the technological partners SAS, will train students to become core data scientists. The course will encompass AS programming, Introductory Statistics, Data Management & Manipulation, Data Quality, Working with Hadoop, Hive & SAS and Data Visualization.

Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics with SAS: Will be taught collaboratively with SAS, the program will include several applied analytics modules to train students to apply machine learning in business.

Post Graduate Program in Fintech with Imarticus: The course will provide aspirants with end to end understanding of the FinTech sector, components of the ecosystem, potential impact, along with frameworks to enable Fintech innovations, driven by a case study methodology. With technology partners Imarticus Learning, Trains students to become Investment Managers, Hedge & Mutual Fund Managers, Forex Dealers, Algorithmic Trade Scientists

Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing and Metrics: Under the guidance of industry experts with more than 15 years of experience, the course will aim to train students to become Digital Marketers, Web / Mobile Applications Developers and Web Data Analysts.

Post Graduate Program in Information and Cyber Security with Pristine InfoSolutions: Afirst of its kind program in India, the course gives students a unique opportunity to develop their careers in ethical hacking and cyber security. The course would holistically cover everything right from the basics of penetration testing to cyber laws and train students to be ethical hackers and Security experts.

Learn from the best minds with over 15+ years of industry &Quantitative Science Management experience. The courses offer the perfect blend of conceptual classroom teaching and practical business applications.


The entire course would be holistically covered through:

Extensive Conceptual Classroom Teaching.

Interactive Webinars/Video Conferencing with Top Industry Experts and International Faculty.

Live Capstone Projects.

Industry Exposure in the form of Paid Internships.

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