IIT Madras enters its Diamond Jubilee year of pioneering Academic Excellence, Innovation & cutting-edge Research

Chennai, 4 September 2018: Fuelled by a culture of academic excellence, innovation and cutting-edge research, the Indian Institute of Technology Madras steps into its 60th year, marking it by becoming the top ranked engineering institute in India for three consecutive years (NIRF Rankings). The collective contribution of alumni, faculty and students over the past six decades has driven the rise of the Institute to become a globally recognized education centre of repute.

IIT Madras is nationally and internationally known for excellence in Technical Education, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Research besides Industrial and Educational Consultancy. Its strengths include highly motivated and talented students, qualified and dedicated faculty, comprehensive experimental and computing facilities, and well-trained technical and administrative supporting staff.


Speaking about the Institute entering its Diamond Jubilee year, Prof Bhaskar Ramamurthi, Director, IIT Madras, said, “We have taken great strides since our Golden Jubilee in 2008 in every parameter by which one may choose to measure our Institute’s growth and performance. As we enter the Diamond Jubilee year, we are confident that we will accelerate even further and scale new heights in research, teaching, and innovation.”

Diamond Jubilee Activities of IIT Madras: IIT Madras is marking the Diamond Jubilee year with a series of events throughout the year. The events include ‘Technology Summits’ in various countries to showcase IIT Madras R&D, and innovations. They will be held in locations such as the Bay Area and Houston, U.S., Toronto, Canada and London, England.

Further ‘Thematic Conclaves’ will also be held in Indian cities such as Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. ‘Campus Congresses’ would be hosted to bring together academic leaders from around the world. A ‘Technology Day’ has also been planned on campus to celebrate the Institute start-ups and applied R&D Centres.

Objectives and targets of IIT Madras:

To be known as the best educational research institute in the country in all the areas we are engaged in

To produce M.S. and Ph.D. graduates with high employer reputation

To make significant contributions to the technology needs of the nation

To achieve a Ph.D + M.S. graduation rate of 0.8

 + 0.5 per year per faculty member

To publish a large fraction of papers in top journals where peers in the top 50 universities

To nurture the unique strength of IIT Madras in research and development leading to technologies with immediate societal value (water, energy, housing, healthcare, education, etc.)

To establish two or three research centres of excellence each year, built around focus themes for which IIT Madras should be known globally for the national and societal impact as well as the new knowledge that they create.

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