Plas-untick – Youth initiative of Amity International School, Pushp Vihar to minimize plastic, while utilizing existing plastic efficiently

New Delhi: Plas-untick is a youth initiative undertaken by the students of Amity International School, Pushp Vihar, New Delhi working towards minimizing the use of plastic while efficiently utilizing plastic already in circulation. This is part of an inter-amity community service platform, which encourages students to work towards a cause.

Various activities throughout New Delhi and abroad have been carried out as a part of this initiative. Signature campaigns, street plays and ‘Nukarnaataks’ along with numerous rallies have all been part of the awareness campaign.


Amity International School has collaborated with Pom Pom, a waste management company, to successfully carry out plastic collection drives in our school. In partnership with an NGO Unhaad, they have been building shelters for the homeless using recycled plastic packets and also conducted a panel discussion in the school featuring the legendary Indian cricket captain Mohammad Azharuddin. The initiative has been successful in making a lot of shops plastic free by providing them with cloth and paper bags made by the students with the help of our volunteers. Apart from that, in-school activities like debates, poster making and poem writing happen regularly in the school. The students are also planning to go to all government schools in Delhi and teaching students how to lead plastic free lives.

Deputy Chief Minister, Delhi,  Mr Manish Sisodia also gave his time to this initiative and discussed the details of the project.

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