Exclusive: Top Ten Skills for job seekers in India that can get them hired in 2017

Mumbai: Technology is transforming, so is workplace changing. On this backdrop, how to make you marketable in the job market? Which skills are future-proof? LinkedIn has today (20 October 2016) come out the list of Top Ten skills that can get you hired in 2017. LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, has released the Top Ten skills in 2017 for 18 countries including India and a global list.

For India, Cloud and Distributed Computing will be the most demanding skills in 2017 while employers will expect the most from candidates. User Interface design remains at second place and Web architecture and development framework at third position in the most sought skills list. The demand for skills in Storage system and Management (fourth in the list) will remain high in India while demand for Statistical Analysis and Data mining professionals (fifth in the list) will surge in 2017.


Algorithm design grabbed sixth place while Networking and Information security found seventh position in the top Ten Skills list. PR and Communications professionals, a part of creative communication field, will stay ahead in the talent market.  PR and Communications skill is placed at eight position meanwhile Economics remains at ninth place. Professionals in Public policy and international relations will also see rise in demand in the job markets for India.

Meanwhile the top three skills in the Global List as per LinkedIn are as followed: Cloud and Distributed Computing, Statistical Analysis, and Data mining and Web architecture and development framework. LinkedIn’s Global Top Skills of 2016 list reveals several trends about the global job market: Demand for marketers is slowing; Data and cloud reign supreme; and data presentation (visualizing data) and statistical analysis & data mining are holding strong again.

Meanwhile User interface design is the new black. Data has become central to many products, which has created a need for people with user interface design skills who can make those products easy for customers to use.

LinkedIn will launch a campaign next week ‘Week of Learning’ in which job seeker will fine tune their skills. Hence, this campaign will help job seekers to get a better job.  LinkedIn prepared the Top Ten skills based on the LinkedIn job posts and employer’s demand for skill categories.

India: Top Ten Skills for 2017 as LinkedIn               

1 Cloud and Distributed Computing

2 User Interface design

3 Web architecture and development framework

4 Storage system and Management

5 Statistical Analysis and Data mining professionals

6 Algorithm design

7 Networking and Information security

8 PR and Communications

9 Economics remains

10 Public policy and international relations

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