Malaysia- The Golden Peninsula

Holidays in Malaysia are one of the most sought after tour itineraries that have come up in the last few years. There are certain things that different tourists look out for when selecting a place to visit. For some, it is mystic and idyllic beaches that excite them, for others it might be towering cityscapes. For some others, it might be the spiritual attractions of the place or historical prominence. Although most established tourist destination have something prominent out of these, there are a very few that actually have an even mix of all of these. Malaysia is one such destination.

The Beach Paradise


Malaysia is blessed with a very long coastline with beautiful beaches and islands thus making it the best beach vacation spots in the world. Known for its spectacular sunsets and a plethora of available water sports activities, the Malaysian beaches are a surfer’s paradise too. The Cherating beach at Pahang is among the most beautiful beaches in the country with almost 10 kilometres of unspoilt beauty. The beach also has Asia’s first club med and a very well known turtle sanctuary.  Most reputable Malaysia tour packages have this beach in their itinerary.

The Teluk Duyung beach in the famous city of Penang, also known as the monkey beach is another of Malaysia’s extremely famous beaches which is among a handful beaches in the world that is actually inside a National Park and the beach goers can indulge in some jungle trekking if they wish to. The Pantai Bisikan Bayu in Kelantan literally translates into ‘Beach of the whispering breeze’. Lined with beautiful casuarinas, this beach is great for picnics and water sports.

The country of islands

Malaysia is a country of islands, many of which are interconnected but many are secluded, idyllic tourist destinations with all modern day facilities, still the beauty of an amazingly lonely paradise that has some of the most stunning coral reefs and also water sport and snorkelling opportunities. The most famous island of Malaysia is, without doubt, the beautiful island of Penang. Penang is a tourists dream destination since it has a little bit of everything for everybody. From imposing colonial architecture and stately mansions and beautiful Hindu temples to great beaches, shopping and cuisine, Penang is a must visit for all tourists that decide to go to Malaysia. Apart from this, the beautiful Sibu islands at Johor is another scenic island that has exciting marine life and exciting outdoor activities.

Apart from these two, The Langkawi Island at Kedah is an archipelago of more than 100 islands. Among the most sought after tourist destinations in the whole country, Langkawi has been given the ‘World Geopark’ status by none other than UNESCO. The island of Langkawi is known for its stunning waterfalls, majestic beaches and also for its duty-free shopping and regularly features in all Malaysia honeymoon packages. Tioman island in Pahang is another wonderful jewel in Malaysia’s studded crown. Apart from a marine park, this island has some of the most stunning coral reefs that have a beautiful marine life that is a sight to behold. For the water sports lover, this is the place to be.

For the city lover

Whereas Malaysia is well known for its idyllic beaches and water bodies as well as majestic temples and an all encompassing cultural landscape, it is also a place where a party goer will not feel out of place. Although almost all islands have a party scene of its own, the city of Kuala Lumpur, or KL as popularly known is a shopper’s and party goers paradise. Home to some of the most modern cityscape, the city of Kuala Lumpur is a bustling modern megapolis with some of the best foods to eat, fashion and culture to showcase. The Petronas Twin towers, among the tallest buildings in the world, also has some great shopping brands, a gallery of modern art, discovery centre, modern and classical cuisine from around the world. There is also an exciting and unique nightlife to experience in this amazing city. The Changat Bukit Bintang is among the most sought after party destinations in Malaysia and has some fine restaurants, nightclubs, cocktail bars, pubs and discotheques and make for the best party destinations in the world. For a unique nightlife experience, one can head to the Chinatown Petaling Street, that has various clubs and a night market that has hundreds of stalls selling a variety of products and tourist memorabilia. There are various rooftop bars and the overall ambience is exciting, fun and unique.

The spiritual retreat

A melting pot of various strong cultures such as Chinese, Indian and Malay, the country is dotted with various meditation retreats, yoga centres and various places of worship that celebrate all faiths and religions. From majestic hindu temples to imposing mosques as well as a vibrant Buddhist and Christian culture, Malaysia is a symbol of peace and cohabitation. If you are someone that is looking for a journey of self-discovery, or may just want some time alone, Malaysia is the one place that fits the bill. Apart from secluded and hardly inhabited islands, the country also has various destinations that can provide you with peace, tranquility and meditative experiences. The Batu caves in Selangor is among the most sacred places for Hindus and has uniquely peaceful surroundings and a feeling of surreal mysticism. Similarly, the Selangor mosque also known as the blue Mosque or Sultan Salahuddin Mosque imparts a feeling of spirituality in all the seekers of peace and quiet. Among the grandest mosques of the world, this place of worship is frequented by people of all faiths that are looking out for some peace and quiet.

Malaysia Visa

Based on your country of residence, you might or might not need a visa to visit Malaysia. It is wise to connect with your nearest Consulate of Embassy to find out about your individual requirement and you can also visit Tourism Malaysia’s online portal that has all the information regarding visa requirements. In any case getting a Malaysia visa is quite easy and can also be applied online on

As is evident, Malaysia is a country that has more than something for everybody and is the ultimate tourist destination. Whether you are looking for fun and excitement or peace and quiet, Malaysia is a country that will definitely whet your appetite for the perfect getaway and more.

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