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IIM Bangalore: Nearly 87% of MBA 2020-22 students Batch from Engineering background

By   /  August 4, 2020  /  Comments Off on IIM Bangalore: Nearly 87% of MBA 2020-22 students Batch from Engineering background

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Bengaluru, 03 August 2020: IIM Bangalore welcomed students to the 2020-22 batch of the two-year fulltime MBA programme – Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP), and students to the two-year fulltime Master of Business Administration (Business Analytics) (MBA(BA)), with an inauguration ceremony, on  01 August 2020.

The new batch has 488 students joining the PGP and 46 students joining the PGP BA.

Engineering background students continue to dominate PGP 2020-22 students mix as nearly 87% students belong to Engineering background.  As out of the 488 students, 423 are from engineering background.  There are 146 women and 342 men. The average work experience is about two years, and the average age 25 years.

For PGP BA,  out of the batch of 46, there are 86.96% men and 13.04% women; the average age is 23 years; the maximum number of students are from engineering background – 53% from the IITs/NITs and rest from deemed universities. However, there are also students from other backgrounds such as Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Economics, Biotech, etc. A total of 54% of the batch have some work experience, while 45% have no experience.

“The current time has seen a lot of previous assumptions on business, management and economy being questioned. This may prove to be an exciting time for you students, who can embrace the changes and write new playbooks in business and management”, said Professor Rishikesha T Krishnan, Director, IIMB, while welcoming students to the two-year fulltime MBA programmes: Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) and the Post Graduate Programme (Business Analytics) of IIM Bangalore, on August 01 (Saturday), 2020.

Highlighting the silver lining in the current situation, the Director said that analysts expect a recovery in the economy by mid-2021. “Moreover, manufacturing growth is projected in India with new schemes, so you people will come to the job market to take advantage of such changes and initiatives”.

Professor Padmini Srinivasan, Chair of the two-year fulltime Master of Business Administration programme, while welcoming the new batch said that there are students joining from not only all parts of the country this year, but IIMB has two students joining from Korea as well. “You are here today due to your hard work, determination, perseverance and fighting spirit. You must realize that today learning has changed – in fact life is not the same anymore. In the following days you will experience glitches and self-doubt, and life will seem like a swinging rope with no predictability. But we need to adapt to the new normal. So, take a pledge today to be kind to yourself and those around you, avoid digital fatigue and try to spend time away from the computer monitor, take care of yourselves and engage in physical activities, be in positive frame of mind – remember you are more privileged than many others. Also, take part in activities and build strong ties and networks. Do not forget the importance of time management. I am sure at the end of the pandemic you will emerge stronger, more resilient and as better individuals”.

Professor Ashis Mishra, Chair, Admissions & Financial Aid, urged the students to treat the new mode of learning as a different, but amazing experience, and treat it as an opportunity to change for the better.

Professor U Dinesh Kumar, Chair, Master of Business Administration (Business Analytics), pointed out that IIMB has introduced a two-year fulltime MBA (PGP BA) after almost 47 years. “There is a supply and demand gap in talent pool in Data Science, Analytics and AI in organizations, and hence IIMB has come up with this programme. Do not worry about the current changes – just focus on learning, IIMB has all the systems in place and we will discuss your career prospects in detail in days to come. As and when you are able to come to the campus, you will enjoy that as well”.

Professor Abhoy K Ojha, Dean, Academic Programmes, thanked the new batch for the faith they have reposed in IIMB in the current scenario. “Your interest is foremost in our minds and we will ensure you get the best of education. The new environment may prove to be an excellent opportunity for you. There are changes in workplace, role definition, careers, etc. as even organizations have realized that the old format was not necessarily the best. Acquire new knowledge and skills which will make you well equipped for the new environment, roles and a whole new world.”

He highlighted how IIMB was quick to adapt to changes. “The school held a virtual convocation, invested in technology to provide online education, for both faculty and students. We have support staff to help the cause of digital education. Collective knowledge will help more without hurting education”. Referring to change management, he said, “For every big unanticipated change we first go through denial, then resistance, followed by exploration, and the last phase is commitment to the new system. Rest assured, in the long run all glitches will be cleaned up and you will be settled.”

Professor K Kumar, Dean, Alumni Relations & Development, briefed the students about the alumni’s involvement with the school and vice versa. “We have an active Alumni Relations Office and Alumni Association. You as alumni will enhance the reputation of brand IIMB in the future, and we will come back to you to seek support, counsel and participation. Alumni are a great source of social capital – being part of the alumni network will help you advance personally and professionally. Leave aside your anxieties and you will have a great experience at IIMB”, he encouraged the new batch.

Professor M S Narasimhan, Dean, Administration, pointed out that at this critical time, we must focus on safety. He also reassured the students that their learning experience at IIMB will be seamless.

The ceremony also featured inspiring speeches by Rajiv Srivatsa and Deepika Warrier, both alumni of IIMB.

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