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Business Speech 101: Presentation And Communication Skills For Business

By   /  May 6, 2021  /  Comments Off on Business Speech 101: Presentation And Communication Skills For Business

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Business Speech 101: Presentation And Communication Skills For Business

Whether you’re an experienced presenter, writer, and speaker in business or a newbie just starting out your professional career, it doesn’t matter. Everyone can learn a thing or two about effective communication skills. Remember that good communication is more than just uttering the right words or writing in correct grammar. A lot of it also has to do with your feelings, emotions, comprehension, and even the use of language.

Acing your presentation and communication skills is very important to achieve success, simply because businesses revolve around that. If you aren’t able to communicate effectively, this can mean costly damage to the business and it’s all because of miscommunication. Hence the need to keep on improving and learning from BeSpoke Coaching London.

How can you make a business presentation and communications even more effective? Here are some insightful tips for you to apply.

  1. Brush Up Your Listening Skill

Effective communication in business doesn’t all just center on talking. It also involves learning how to listen. After all, communication is always a two-way street. At the end of the day, it’s very important to learn how to listen and understand the whims of your customers.

This is very important within your internal team, as other co-workers and even your subordinates and superiors are more likely to listen to you, when you also give them that same respect.

To start with, here are three ways to overcome listening barriers:

  • Whenever someone is talking, remove any general distractions such as background noise for online meetings and presentations and talking colleagues, if you’re meeting face-to-face;
  • Get plenty of sleep at night and eat well, so you’re able to overcome cognitive difficulties, hence also better able to focus;
  • Prioritize listening over speaking, especially when you’ve become an excessive talker.
  1. Show Your Passion by Connecting with Your Audience

While business presentations and communications are mostly serious matters, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t any room to inject some passion into it.

Showing your passion during your presentations means that you make it a point to connect with your audience. You aren’t just a robot speaking in technical terms. Rather, when you’re relaxed, you’re able to show that you’re passionate about your job and the topic that you’re speaking about.

The more passionate you are, the more effective you become, simply because you’re able to capture your audience’s attention. Otherwise, you may end up with a dragging, boring, and uninteresting presentation. In this case, you’ll never be able to get your message across.

  1. Tailor the Information for the Audience

Assume that you’re a company selling baby products. Today, you’re speaking to a group of mothers during a mom event or mom fair. Talk to these mothers like as if you were a co-mother giving them tips and inspiration. Tailor your information for the audience, so that you’re reachable, believable, and relatable.

There’s no need to be overly formal in situations that doesn’t call for it. Of course, the situation would be different if you were addressing people in the tech industry or politics perhaps. Here, you’ll have to be more serious, more refined.

The key is for you to learn how to be pliant. Every time you’ve got a speaking engagement or a client to face, try to put yourself in their position. That way, there won’t be a mismatch with the communication whereby your audience or the person you’re talking to won’t like to listen to you at all.

  1. Learn How to Read a Person’s Body Language

If you’ve been talking with so many people for a long time now, then you’re going to know more about understanding a person’s body language. If you’re a newbie in the industry, then this is also something you’ve got to learn how to do.

You can get insights from the person you’re talking to when you’re able to understand their body language. For example, you can determine when a person talking to you is nervous. Hence, you can adjust your language to make yourself easier and simpler to understand. You may also be able to speak in a way, such that you’re able to relax their nerves.

Business dealings can be simplified and made more successful when the barriers to good communication such as nervousness are lifted.

  1. Focus on Your Audience’s Needs

Whenever you’re speaking in a presentation, you’ll also have to understand and focus on your audience’s needs.

If you’re selling a product to them, what sort of problems do your audience have that your products and services can solve? When you talk about this right from the get-go, you’re able to capture your audience’s attention. They’ll be eager to learn more, simply because they’re convinced that your products hold value to them.


When it comes to working with a team to run a business, there’s no denying that good communication and presentation skills is very important to have. This should apply not just to the team members per se, but even to your customers. If there’s any group of skills that you can improve for this year, you certainly can’t go wrong with communication. Start with the tips above, so you can slowly work your way towards becoming more of an asset to the company you belong to.

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