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From Student to Motion Graphics Pro: Career Path and Portfolio Building

By   /  October 22, 2023  /  Comments Off on From Student to Motion Graphics Pro: Career Path and Portfolio Building

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You want to plan for a successful career but have no or limited knowledge of where to begin this journey. We understand that being a student isn’t easy. It’s all about making the right career choices to keep going on gracefully in life. One such career to explore is motion graphics. There is a lot of scope to grow in motion graphics careers in India. In fact, there are a lot of job opportunities in motion graphics these days. By enrolling in a motion graphics course from a reputed institute like Frameboxx.in, it is easier to make your student showreel on time. Then, you can reach clients and customers to showcase your talent. However, without getting too ahead of time, let’s read below how to set the pace of a creative career path like motion graphics.

Learn about the motion graphics careers in India

Motion graphics is an interesting and very creative profile to explore for young and curious minds. From a reputed motion graphics course, students learn to create amazing visuals and moving graphics to deliver a message asked by the client or the customer.

It takes skills like creativity, innovation, an inner desire to drive change around oneself, keep trying new art forms, etc. At the same time, students need to be aware of the current trends, industry news and scoop. It is a skill that helps students and aspiring motion graphic fanatics bring life to illustrations and extract the expected emotions from the viewers.

After getting the motion graphics portfolio for students, you can apply for various jobs. Major titles of the jobs to apply for might include motion graphics artist and broadcast designer artist.

These jobs are becoming more famous in India because the film, series, and drama industries need these artists for regular marketing and branding of the content they produce.

What can you learn in a reputed motion graphics course?

Understand the pipeline of motion graphics:

Get to know how a motion graphics project starts. Know how you can deliver the exact value and art to the client. Understand the tools, skills, teams, and elements you need while creating medium or large-sized motion graphics. Also, understand the difference of quality, aesthetics, and visual experience when using a 2D and 3D software.

Get hands-on knowledge on design principles:

Read, understand, and start implementing the design principles in your art forms when you are conceptualising an architecture of the graphics to move around on the virtual canvas. This helps you stay constrained with the resources, be professional, and learn how to perfect the rules of a design-related task.

Learn to create videos for different platforms and target audiences:

When you plan to grab motion graphics job opportunities in India, become the master of your existing craft first. That means with a reputed online motion graphics diploma course, you know how to create different styles of videos for different industries and target audiences.

The platform can be an OTT, web, TV, games, social media, and much more. Each platform has a different style guide to make the content viral. So, motion graphic artists need to understand the algorithms of the platforms to run and publish content there.

Licensed and experienced tutors teach the subtlety of the art when presented on OTT, TV, web, and other distinctive platforms. After learning these differences, you can choose your creative path. It will all boil down to what type of artist you want to be when it comes to motion graphics.

With extensive knowledge of the topics and chapters to learn, you can sail smoothly to pass the motion graphics diploma.

Learn to use the top-class tools and software to make your life easier:

Get used to industry-led software and tools to shine through your existing craft in motion graphics. A comprehensive course helps you to be a pro in the motion graphics careers that you pick later on.

The most reputed courses teach you tools like:

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Maya
  • Houdini
  • Cinema 4D
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • 3DS Max
  • Adobe Audition
  • Adobe Anime CC
  • Nuke

Creating and developing a diversified motion graphics portal for students:

Learn the art of showcasing your skills in motion graphics profile. Create a student showreel. Pitch your content to clients. Come across as a professional despite your age and inexperience in the industry. Collect client testimonials and referrals as and when you continue to deliver projects with finesse.

Building a strong foundation and knowledge of motion graphics

Practice the tools of the trade in the motion graphics industry. Do not stop only at 2-4 tools, thinking that will be enough. Make yourself agile and indispensable, and learn as many creative tools as you can to make your motion graphics better at every attempt.

You must also have a strong sense of design, automation, overall character or brand graph and tonality. Dive deeper into Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. From these tools, you learn how to move a character, object, or element around while delivering the message of the ad or the project.

Understanding your designs and their objective

The two pillars, motion and design, are inseparable in motion graphics careers. To excel at it, understand how motion influences the design and vice-versa. With a rock-solid idea of the design, you and your client can stand out in the crowd following the trend as usual. In fact, with a mix of originality and creativity, you can create amazing storyboards for the client or the company you will work for after completing the course or diploma.

Keep refining your creativity

To be proficient at motion graphics, understand your innate talent and creativity. Be curious always when it comes to creating epic and engaging motion graphics. The content should be shareable for the target viewers to spread the word of mouth of your talent.

In fact, you must start drawing surroundings, elements, architecture, or even people with 2D and 3D software. This expands your brain’s power to think out-of-the-box and offer fresh ideas on the table.


Learning motion graphics course is helpful as there are multiple motion graphics job opportunities in India today. It’s among those skills and talents the younger generation will need in this and the next decade. They will completely depend on their original thought process and how to churn it in a better way to convert ideas into actions. In fact, learning motion graphics from reputed and renowned academies like Frameboxx.in makes the learning experience more special and supercharging for students.

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