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How a Master’s in Business Analytics Sets You up for a Career in Big Data?

By   /  February 15, 2021  /  Comments Off on How a Master’s in Business Analytics Sets You up for a Career in Big Data?

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After finishing their degree, many students choose to expand their knowledge by enrolling in another course. Business Analytics has been the first choice for most of them because of the wide variety of business options it offers.

MSc in Data Analytics in India is one of the favorite Master’s programs, as it combines theoretical and practical knowledge into a well-designed curriculum every business analyst needs.

However, many graduates opt for directing their knowledge into a career working with big data. Not only is this among the most exciting and innovative fields, but the salaries are quite rewarding too. So, if you ever wondered how business analytics could lead you towards a career in big data, check this article out.

What is Business Analytics?

Business analytics is a relatively new concept that appeared only recently. With cloud computing and big data taking over the entire world and affecting all business branches, business analytics has never been more in demand.

Business analytics engages in mathematical problems, statistics, IT expertise, and several business and organizational skills. With a well-rounded curriculum, this program provides its students with all the necessary skills companies require.

Business analytics deals with more things at once. These most commonly include evaluating statistical data, influencing decision-making, assessing business performance, optimizing and automating business processes.

The business analysis essentially acts as a right hand and personal assistant to whoever is leading the business, and it dramatically affects all decision-making in the company. Companies must hire a qualified business analyst whom they can trust to make the best suggestions and changes.

Why Do Companies Need Business Analytics?

If a company wants to succeed, maintain a competitive edge, or even surpass its competitors, it needs to have a business analyst. Whether that’s one person or an entire team depends on the business’s size, no significant progress can occur without it.

Even when there weren’t specially trained and educated business analysts, companies would perform the core and essential analysis steps to evaluate their business’s success. However, this would only cover a small percentage of what the educated business analysts can do nowadays.

Because of that, modern companies tracking the newest innovations and keeping up with modern times are all hiring business analysts to have the upper hand against the competition.

Large companies and enterprises find it challenging to deal with big data. This is where business analysts come in handy because they can use various parameters to assess a company’s past, current, and future decisions. Since these decisions rely on vast sums of money, no space for mistakes, and rough competition, business analysts are a must.

Some of the highlighted business analytics activities include:

  • instant answers to all questions
  • information backed up with solid evidence
  • customer behavior insight
  • optimization and automation of processes
  • discovering future opportunities

What Will You Learn in the Master’s Business Analytics Program?

While attending a Master’s program in business analytics, you’ll be educated and trained to become a strong leader. Your courses will mostly rely on management and business operations.

With a carefully selected course set, you’ll know how to behave in each situation you might come across when working in this business. Some of the most important courses in business analytics, also known as core courses, are:

  • Business
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Ethics

With these skills as your base, you’ll further extend your knowledge with several courses that’ll help you in the career of big data. Some of the recommended courses you can take with the emphasis on big data include:

  • Forecasting and Modeling
  • Data Mining
  • Spreadsheet Modeling
  • Analytics
  • Statistics

How Can You Make a Career in Big Data?

With this theoretical and practical skill set, you’re more than ready to tackle big data successfully. You’ll possess a wide range of skills, including problem-solving, analysis, communication, time management, and many more. All these skills are necessary for someone working with big data.

As a business analyst, you can expect to deal with the following aspects of big data evaluation:

  • Big Data Analysis – analyzing big data and its contents for all kinds of purposes.
  • Finding Patterns – finding patterns and comparing them to previous events to predict future outcomes, which can be opportunities or risks.
  • Decision-making – assessing data to aid in decision-making, which is based on and supported by hard evidence.


To sum everything up, an MSc in Business Analytics is a great step for anyone passionate about numbers, statistics, and business operations. It will provide you with all kinds of skills that’ll be necessary when working with big data.

As cloud computing and big data are more and more used all around the world, you’ll have a lot of job opportunities as a business analyst.

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