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Methods To Divide Various Terms In Mathematics

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Introduction: Long division is a crucial arithmetic operator that people use in various fields. It is not something that students learn only to score good marks. It is a basic requirement when you have to solve complex problems in life. Even when you are sharing some items you have to divide them mentally. But some numbers are so large that you cannot solve them mentally. For that students have to use a common process called long division. With this process, you don’t have to worry about how long the question is. Even decimal integers fall in this category.

The Basic Mechanism

The entire process usually has a lot of steps that you need to know. It makes it easier for the student to apply the strategy on large integers. For the basics, you need to know that the number which you will divide has a special name called ‘dividend’. The process becomes simple if it does not have a decimal. Otherwise, you have to take a zero and add it while dividing. You need a paper where you have to keep both the terms at unique positions. In schools, teachers rely on parentheses to do this task.

Tackling the Numbers:

First, you have to break the process into small steps. You have to create a tableau and write the number. The dividend should belong in the middle and the divisor on the left. Draw a bar to ensure that the divisor stays outside. Then you have to analyze the first digit placed in the question. If it is bigger just divide and put the solution down. You will get a difference that you have to write down. You need to point out that it is not larger than the divisor by any chance. Just pop down the next digit and repeat the parts.

In the entire process, you have to keep an eye on the elements of the dividend. Keep on satisfying this particular condition and complete the sum. Otherwise, the students need to shift their eyes towards the consecutive digit. When you notice the process you will see that the solution is written on top. That section is the quotient and it is what you have to put down in your answer. The difference has to be zero when you take a proper divisor. If the last difference is not null and you get a proper value. You need to specify that portion in the remainder section.

Polynomial Numbers:

You may think that polynomials can’t be divided in this way. But the entire process is almost similar to this one. You have to analyze the degree for comparison. Only then you can shift to the further steps of the method. Be it a monomial or any other term, all of them can be divided. You won’t get exact values as the answer as variables are involved. All you have to do is break the polynomials in similar amounts and treat them individually.

Why is this Process so Important?

This is a unique method where you have to use all the operators together. Be it multiplication or subtraction, each of them is used in this technique. It is a brilliant way to test the growth and progress of your skills. Even in algebra, you can use this method to check the result of your solution. Besides, it is the only way to get the exact value of the quotient that you need.

Students need a lot of practice to avoid mistakes while doing long division. You can visit website of Cuemath to brush up on your skills and be a master of this process.

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