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VARANASI : Mahakavi Subramania Bharati discovered the deep connect and inter-relational activities between different cultures, Kashi and Tamil Nadu in particular. This was the essence of the academic session at Kashi Tamil Sangamam on Friday. The session on the theme of “Inspirations from Mahakavi Subramania Bharati and His Kashi Connect” saw a rich exchange of ideas by eminent personalities on the great nationalist, freedom fighter, poet and social reformer Bharthiar.

Chief Guest of the program, Hon’ble Governor of Telangana and Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry, Dr. Tamilisai Soundarajan discussed at length the role ancient city of Kashi played in shaping the life and thoughts of Subhamania Bharati, during the early years of his life he spent in the city. The governor said that Kashi had a significant role in shaping Bharathiar’s views and personality. He learned Sanskrit and Hindi in Kashi. Dr. Soundarajan said that Bharathiar was a proponent of women empowerment and even edited a journal called Chakravarthini for the cause.

Praising the Banaras Hindu University for the role it has been playing for the overall development of students and imparting value based education, the Governor paid tributes to the founder of BHU Mahamana Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya ji, by recalling his efforts and contribution. Lauding the Government of India for organizing Kashi Tamil Sangamam, the Governor said that the program has the potential of unifying people of different parts of the country in a common thread with a sense of unity and integration. She expressed her deep appreciation for the transformation Kashi has undergone under the leadership of Hon’ble Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi. She also spoke about the links of BHU with Hyderabad.

Eminent writer and journalist V Maalan Narayanan elaborated on the journey of Subramania Bharati from Tamil Nadu to Kashi. He said that it was Kashi that not only shaped the thoughts and views of Subramania Bharati but also his appearance as it was in this city he started sporting a moustache and a turban. He also came in contact with Annie Besant. Maalan said that Bharathiar’s nationalism got even stronger while he was in Kashi. The city of ancient knowledge and wisdom had a great impact on intellectual growth of Subramania Bharati.

Eminent writer and journalist Malan V Narayanan elaborated on the physical and Intellectual transformation of Tamil poet Subramania Bharati during his stay in Kashi.  He said that it was in Kashi that Subramania Bharati cropped his hair and started sporting a moustache and turban, that went on to define his appearance for the rest of his life. Further, it was in Kashi that Bharathi came in contact with Annie Besant and Sri Aurobindo. It was here that seeds of nationalism and spirit of women empowerment were sown in Bharati. Thus the city of ancient knowledge and wisdom had a great impact on Subramania Bharati and left him a transformed person, said Narayanan.

Academician Prof. P. Rajja, who writes both in English and Tamil, said that Subramania Bharati who was Subbiah in Tamil Nadu became Shelley-dasan in Kashi. He said that Subramania Bharati started reading Shelley, the famous English poet and got greatly inspired with his writings. It was to the extent that he started using Shelley-dasan as his pen name. Dr. Raja said that Subramania Bharati had developed great love and admiration for Kashi which played a key role in his life.

The discussion underlined the role Subramania Bharati played in uniting people against the Britishers and striving to achieve freedom. It also highlighted the need to promote literary works of Bharathiar so that the new generation is aware of the towering contribution of our great leaders, thinkers and philosophers.

Prof. Gyaneshwar Choubey, Department of Zoology, made a presentation on DNA ancestry of Kashi and Tamil Nadu. Citing research and data, Prof. Choubey said that though Africa is the birthplace of modern humans, India served as a nurturing place to them. He said that two random Indians share a minimum 30 to 100 % genomic ancestry, adding that Kashi and Tamil ancestry is founded over the same genetic components.

Prof. A. Gangadharan, Department of History, Banaras Hindu University, while delivering the welcome address spoke on the long time links between BHU and Tamil Nadu. He said the university attracts a large number of students from Tamil Nadu who study here and join research programs. He informed that out of the 28 Vice-Chancellors of BHU, three have been from Tamil Nadu.

Prof. Binda Paranjape, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, welcomed the dignitaries by presenting souvenirs. Dr. Dhriti, Department of English, conducted the program. Aparna Pandey, Faculty of Performing Arts, presented the rendition of BHU Kulgeet.

A poetry recitation program was also organized after the academic discussion in which a number of poets from Tamil Nadu presented their writings. They presented poems on various themes like significance of Kashi Tamil Sangamam, Impact of Kashi on Tamil Nadu and Culture, Spiritual connection between the two cultures and Educational links between Kashi and Tamil Nadu.

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