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Woxsen University Design student Abhinav Sai Kolla’s film ‘BAND’ wins Best Animated Short Film Award, at the Indo-French International Film Festival

By   /  February 24, 2024  /  Comments Off on Woxsen University Design student Abhinav Sai Kolla’s film ‘BAND’ wins Best Animated Short Film Award, at the Indo-French International Film Festival

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HYDERABAD, India — Abhinav Sai Kolla, a talented B.Des (Hons.) Product Design student at Woxsen University, has achieved a remarkable milestone, with his film ‘BAND’ being selected as the Award Winner under the ‘Best Animated Short Film Category’ at the esteemed Indo-French International Film Festival. BAND is revered to be the first ever film made with Indian traditional Kondapalli toys.

Hosted by the Goa Directorate of Film Festivals under the auspices of the government, the Indo-French International Film Festival (IFIFF) is a groundbreaking collaborative initiative aimed at celebrating and honouring talents in a unique manner. It stands as an annual- and monthly-qualifying festival, open to all aspiring filmmakers across the globe.

‘BAND’, the brainchild of Abhinav Sai Kolla, initially conceived as a classroom project and later elevated to a graduation project, has now received this prestigious recognition. The film embarks on a cinematic exploration of the world of Kondapalli toys, making it the first-ever Indian film to do so, and has garnered significant appreciation from the film industry.

“Drawing inspiration from the Toyetic strategy, which leverages media to merchandise licensed toys & games, I created the film, BAND, to promote traditional Kondapalli toys through my startup, Capybara Studios. With a longstanding aspiration to showcase my work on the international stage, the Indo-French International Film Festival offers an ideal platform for my pilot project. This marks just the initial phase of my strategic vision. Subsequently, I intend to distribute these films through OTT platforms or TV channels, aiming to accrue further accolades,” said Abhinav Sai Kolla, B.Des (Hons.) Product Design student at Woxsen University.

Abhinav’s innovative approach to incorporating functionality into the static Kondapalli toys, while preserving their intrinsic artistry, sets ‘BAND’ apart. The characters in the film exhibit a newfound dynamism, with their body parts capable of movement, including hands, necks, and legs. In a country with a rich heritage of traditional art and craft, there is often a challenge in contemporizing these forms without compromising their authenticity or the materials used. Abhinav’s film adeptly navigates this challenge, adding new layers of value to one of India’s cherished traditional crafts.

“Abhinav’s achievement highlights the potential of young talents in India to innovate and showcase the country’s rich cultural heritage on a global stage. Featuring modern renditions of traditional Kondapalli toys, the characters in the movie represent a contemporary twist on age-old craftsmanship. It’s truly inspiring to witness his groundbreaking film garner international acclaim, marking the beginning of a series of achievements yet to unfold,” said Dr. Adity Saxena, Dean – School of Arts & Design at Woxsen University.

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