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GEMS Wellington Academy’s Parent and Community Involvement

By   /  March 20, 2023  /  Comments Off on GEMS Wellington Academy’s Parent and Community Involvement

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In any educational institution, success is achieved through many different factors. The obvious ones – a hardworking and dedicated staff, and students who are willing to learn and participate. Apart from them, the parents and the community play an important role too. At GEMS Wellington Academy, they make sure they follow this principle by ensuring that they have a strong relationship with the families and the entire student population. Parent and community involvement is a contributing factor to the academy’s success as they are able to participate in various fundraising projects as well as different volunteer opportunities.

If you’re curious about the involvement of parents and community in shaping the academy’s culture, read on.

5 ways the Academy has involved the parents and the community

1. Volunteer opportunities. One of the key ways in which the academy involves parents and the community is through volunteer opportunities. When the school participates in a particular project, they offer a range of volunteer positions to choose from. Parents can either help out in the classroom or be a part of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA).

Parents and community members can also partake in fundraising efforts, which support various programs and initiatives of the school. For example, if an upgraded system of online enrolment at Gems Wellington Academy – Silicon Oasis was launched, or in any GEMS school,  a fundraising campaign will be started to support the development of the system. Parents and community members will then be encouraged to donate to the cause.

2. Conferences, workshops, seminars, and counseling services. Parents play an important role in their children’s education. They are the partners of their children. The school supports this partnership by offering various programs to the parents and the community. Firstly, there are parent-teacher conferences. These happen on a regular basis, where the school hosts the conference and the parents meet the teachers to learn about their child’s performance.

Secondly, there are workshops and seminars that talk about best parenting practices, stress management, and improving study habits. These seminars are very beneficial to parents as they learn valuable information on how to support their children’s learning and well-being.

Last but not the least, the school offers counseling services. Their professional counselors are always available to accommodate and assist their students in need. Parents can also talk to the counselors to ask how they can support their children in their own ways.

3. Events and activities. The academy also encourages parent and community involvement through their events and activities. The school regularly hosts events that bring parents and the community together. They have school fairs, which can be attended by their students of all levels, accompanied by their parents. There are cultural celebrations where students and their parents learn about the diverse cultures observed at the school. And of course, there are sports tournaments for those who want to showcase their skills in various fields.

These events provide an opportunity for parents and community members to get involved with the school as well as its students. This is an opportunity for them to build great connections and partake in the success of the school. For example, the academy recently hosted a virtual open house, which allowed the parents and students to explore the school’s facilities and programs from the comfort of their own homes. Many parents and community members participated in this successful event.

4. Partnerships with local businesses and organizations. Through the school’s partnerships with local businesses and organizations, the students are able to visit various establishments and learn new things that they don’t learn inside the classroom. For example, the school partners with a local science center to offer science workshops and field trips for students. Similarly, they will partner with a local theater, which gives opportunities to students who want to perform or learn about theatrical productions.

5. Online presence. The academy is able to prove their commitment to parent and community involvement through their online presence. They make it easy for parents to know the latest news through their website. They also use their social media channels to share their latest events. Apart from being updated with the school’s activities, parents get to engage with the school and other parents as well through the school’s website or various social media channels. They can use it to share their experiences or their perspectives. They can use it to learn the different programs of the school. By simply visiting the school’s website or any social media platform, parents can get all the information they need.

In summary, Gems Wellington Academy’s parent and community involvement plays a very important role in the success of the school. Through volunteering, fundraising, conferences, counseling, events, partnership, and online engagement, the school has strengthened their relationships with parents and the community. The strong partnership that they’ve built contributed to a supportive school culture. If you are considering enrolling your child in this prestigious academy, make sure to explore the school’s website and social media channels to get to know them or their programs better.

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