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GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail: Nurturing Future Leaders

By   /  March 20, 2023  /  Comments Off on GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail: Nurturing Future Leaders

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GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail is one of Dubai’s leading schools, offering a world-class education to students from kindergarten to grade 12. With its excellent academic and extracurricular programs, more and more parents are choosing them over other educational institutions.

This prestigious academy is dedicated to encouraging their students to develop their leadership qualities. They do this by providing programs for mentorship, leadership, and community service. Through these programs, their students are able to develop their confidence, character, and skills, which prepares them to become effective leaders.

Mentorship programs. This program allows the school’s students to pair up with industry professionals who will be there to guide them in their areas of interest. Through this program, the students are able to discover new things about their chosen fields. They are able to develop their passions with the support of their partner industry professional. They also develop their communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills.

During the program, the student and the mentor meet regularly, either online or face to face. The mentor shares their own experiences, gives advice, and provides guidance to help the student develop their knowledge and skills.

For example, a student is interested in engineering. That student will be paired with a civil engineer. They will work together to improve the student’s skills and learn how to be a successful engineer.

Community service projects. One of the leadership development programs of the academy is their community service projects. They encourage their students to participate in such projects to learn about compassion and empathy. By volunteering at local organizations, their students are able to develop leadership qualities that prepare them for the future.

For example, the academy participates in a project called “Empty Bowls.” This project raises awareness about local hunger. It involves creating and selling ceramic bowls. All proceeds of this project goes to organizations that combat hunger issues in the community. By participating in this project, the students learn about hunger issues and its impact in the community, which in turn helps them develop compassion and empathy for those who are underprivileged; two skills that a future leader should master.

Leadership training programs. There are various leadership training programs that the academy offers to their students. All of these programs are designed to develop their students’ communication, leadership, and decision-making skills as well as their confidence.

For example, they have the Model United Nations program, which helps their students to develop their diplomatic skills. They also have the Entrepreneurship program, which helps their students develop their business skills.

They also have various workshops and seminars where students can participate and take on leadership roles within the school community. They will act as representatives of the school during events and meetings. In doing so, they’re learning how to act as role models to other students. They are learning how to be responsible and accountable.

Extracurricular activities. The academy makes sure that their students do not only develop their academic skills but their abilities as a whole. The school has various extracurricular activities where their students can participate in to develop their creative, physical, and social skills. These activities include sports, music, drama, and various clubs. These activities help the students learn about communication, teamwork, and time management, skills that are important for a leader to have.

The school has started various clubs where students can participate. For example, the school has a robotics club for students interested in the STEM (science, technology, english, math) field. In this club, the students learn about robotics, coding, and engineering principles. They’ll develop knowledge and skills in designing and building robots, which they can use to participate in various competitions.

The robotics club is just one of the many extracurricular activities the school offers. There are other clubs such as jewelry making, cookery, dance, drama, music, and so much more. Each one of these clubs contribute in improving the students’ knowledge and skills in these particular fields. All of the activities they do in these clubs help them develop their skills in problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity. The club meets weekly and is open to students of all skill levels.

In conclusion

GEMS Academy is a school that is dedicated to nurturing their students to become future leaders. Their mentorship, leadership training, and community service programs train their students to be good communicators, problem solvers, critical thinkers, compassionate, empathetic, and diplomatic. Equipping their students with these skills prepares them to become effective leaders.

Are you looking for an educational institution that can nurture your child to become a future leader? This academy might just be what you’re looking for. Online Enrolment at Gems Wellington Academy Al Khail makes it easier for parents to enroll at the academy, so make sure to take advantage of their system.

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