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International Student Programming Olympiad

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This Olympiad is held between teams provided by various universities from around the world. Teams consist of three university students. The student must be a first-year student, and his age must not exceed 24 years.

Competitions of the International Student Programming Olympiad are carried out using an algorithmic code. For the first time these competitions were held in the 70s. However, these competitions differed from modern formats. Changes took place in 1977. Since that time, the International Student Programming Olympiad has taken on modern forms.

Baylor University organizes the International Student Programming Olympiad. The host country of the finals of these competitions changes every year. Qualifying stages take place on the territory of the countries of the participants. ICPC sponsors include companies: Apple, Microsoft, ATTT and others.

Teams must complete certain tasks and complete them within a specified time frame. Participation in this Olympiad is considered the most prestigious and opens up great opportunities for the participants. In the process of completing the tasks of the Olympiad, students will be able to study the process of writing program code in more detail, perform complex tasks more efficiently and write code quickly. In the future, this will come in handy in studies or employment.

Participation in this Olympiad requires a lot of effort and time. To win, you need to carefully prepare and test your strength. For students from Kazakhstan, for this, you can sign up for the Olympiad, which is held by Nazarbayev University. The Olympiad is held in an identical format with the ICPC. This allows you to gain certain skills and experience for further competitions. You can record and view the features of the tournament at the link https://nuopen.kz/.

ICPC Stages

The International Student Programming Olympiad is carried out exclusively in a team format with three participants each. It is worth noting that students who have been winners twice and won five times can no longer take part in these competitions.

The Olympics are held in several stages. At the first stage, the university must provide a team for the competition. If there are several teams from the university, then the qualifying stage is carried out. The number of teams from the university can be unlimited, but only one team is allowed to the Olympiad, which will provide the university.

Each team is given eight to twelve tasks and one computer. Tasks must be completed within five hours. These parameters are considered the most difficult in this competition. The chances of winning are increased for the assembled teams, because only one person can write the code.

After completing one task, it must be uploaded to a special test site. If he gave an error, then the task is returned for revision. The number of returns is unlimited. It is worth noting that ICPC does not account for incomplete execution. The team records include tasks that were accepted by a special system.

The winner is determined by the number of tasks completed. If several teams have scored the same number of points, then a penalty time is calculated. They are charged for each accepted work from the moment of commencement until the moment of delivery. If the accepted work was returned for editing, then 20 minutes are added to the penalty time for each return. The team with the least penalty time wins.


For a long time, teams from the United States remained the winners in the International Student Programming Olympiad. However, over the past 10-15 years, the titles of the US winners have begun to be shared with Russia, China, Japan, Portugal and other countries. It is worth noting that before reaching the final stage, teams go through qualifying stages in certain regions.

Kazakhstan belongs to the Northern Eurasian region. Unfortunately, the teams from Kazakhstan have not yet managed to win the ICPC. However, they showed excellent results. Higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan annually delegate the best teams of students to the final stage of the Olympiad.

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