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Enterprise IT Training for a better tomorrow

By   /  November 29, 2022  /  Comments Off on Enterprise IT Training for a better tomorrow

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Mr. Peeush Bajpai, CEO SpringPeople, a business leader with over two decades of work experience in the IT industry, is currently driving multi-million dollar growth of his company, SpringPeople, a pioneer in enterprise IT training. Peeush plans to propel SpringPeople with strategic initiatives into a multi-fold/exponentially growing company over the next few years through accelerated enterprise customer+trainer acquisition and transforming SpringPeople into a platform for high-quality, need-based and live on-demand training for enterprises.

 Skilloutlook Team has recently interacted with Mr. Peeush Bajpai via email. Here is the brief of the discussion.

 Q1. What is the concept of SpringPeople?

A: Being India’s largest enterprise IT training provider, SpringPeople has been the preferred choice of leading global technology companies—SAP, Siemens, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, IBM, Oracle, Red Hat, Microsoft, Dell EMC and MuleSoft, among others—as their master certified training partner. SpringPeople’s authentic, certified training programs to enterprises and IT professionals across India are powered by LnDCloud—an Enterprise Training platform that provides enterprise reporting, detailed analytics, customizable workflows, and fully automated end-to-end training orchestration.

 Q2. How did you come upon the idea of SpringPeople? How has the journey been so far?

A: The IT industry in the country has grown enormously and at a rapid pace, creating an IT workforce that has been growing exponentially by the day. It was back in 2009, while I was working with one of the big MNCs, when I noticed that IT companies lacked the ability or the wherewithal to organize for their employees corporate training programs of a superior quality.

Hardly any proper professional training programs were being delivered using high-quality content by subject matter experts (SMEs). No platforms had the efficacy to bring together all the knowledge elements for learners to transit from picking up a technology, applying that knowledge to, eventually, becoming market-ready. I could not see that happening any time soon either. To bridge this market gap, I founded SpringPeople that same year.

Till now, our journey has been great. Moreover, unlike most startups that have to struggle through initial teething problems, we hit the ground from Day 1 as I was fortunate enough to partner with multi-billion-dollar enterprises pushing technology boundaries, such as Elastic, Spring Source and MuleSoft, among others. We brought from these companies to India authentic courses for IT companies and orders started pouring in, helping us grow rapidly.

Q3. What has been the most difficult challenge that you’ve faced with SpringPeople?

A: So far, the biggest challenge has been assessing the risk factors. Each and every tactical decision that one makes is accompanied by several financial outcomes which puts all your credibility, expertise and even reputation to the test.

 Q4. What has been the most significant achievement of SpringPeople till date?

A: We are the pioneers in India’s EdTech field with a backbone of the latest and the best in technology having created some of the most distinctive and compelling knowledge solutions. Our Digital Learning Platform offers complete training orchestration ingrained with trending corporate learning management systems (LMSs).

 Q5. What do you think is the future of Enterprise IT Training in India?

A: Organizations that follow a good learning culture can be the most competitive, versatile and agile player in the market. It is throughout these companies that knowledge can spread freely. Business-technology integration is vital for any company. But, after the pandemic, it has become even more important and challenging. Technology is deeply integrated with all other functions in any organization—from marketing, sales and HR to operations.

Human capital—integral to business success even in the past—is becoming all the more significant to any company nowadays and will be the determining force in maintaining a competitive business advantage. Enterprise IT Training will help achieve this goal much faster as organizations begin to fill the chink in their digital skill armour with transition to technological precision.

In the past two years, the pandemic has speeded up many changes that would, otherwise, have taken place in the next 10 years. But this fast-changing vista also means an equally rapid shift in knowledge and development strategies.

Enterprise IT Training is facilitating talent transformation—from on-boarding, induction training, to product training, continuous training assessments, audits, surveys, feedback, ongoing employee engagement and even live virtual training.

To make a seamless transition to a digital, knowledge-based economy, teams have to be more confident and comfortable while utilizing technology. It can lead to numerous benefits for a business, including:

  • Higher productivity
  • Improved efficiency
  • Superior bottom line
  • Faster adoption of new technologies

In order to bring our workforce at par with the international standards, every aspect of a business ecosystem should undergo enterprise IT Training for a better tomorrow.

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