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Discover the list of jobs that will survive the Automation wave

By   /  December 28, 2017  /  Comments Off on Discover the list of jobs that will survive the Automation wave

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New Delhi, 28 December 2017:  The world of jobs is in a state of flux. Automation powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning and bots has created a state of uneasiness among workers. With machines and bots being brought to out-perform humans in various tasks, the worry is after all not unwarranted.

Customer service jobs have the highest automation potential (64%). This can be attributed to the fact that the processes in this function are repetitive and can be automated to a significant extent.

On the other hand, cognitive skills like inductive and deductive reasoning are unaffected by automation. Coupled with high demand (46% and 62% respectively), these skills will emerge as the most sought after skills in the coming times.

Meanwhile, high demand (31%) coupled by high automation potential (48%) makes Software and IT jobs most vulnerable to automation.

Employability assessment and job credentialing leader, Aspiring Minds analysed more than 10 lakh job openings mapped to over 30 job roles and 100 job skills to identify the automation potential of the labor market in India.

 General management and Marketing have least automation potential of 14% and 21% respectively. These roles require high critical and logical reasoning abilities to support creative and rational decision making, thereby making them hard to automate.

Accounting jobs also have very high automation potential. 61% of the automation potential pie can be attributed to this job function. However, with demand for accounting jobs being a mere 3%, the disruption potential of these jobs is fairly low.

Behavioural traits like people management and openness to experience are also unaltered by automation.

Varun Aggarwal, Co-founder and CTO Aspiring Minds said, “We see tremendous potential in AI. In the coming times, AI will be seen making businesses more efficient and enabling them to hire better. AI also brings a huge opportunity for employees and job seekers to learn; in the form of feedback and reports. We, at Aspiring Minds, are continuously striving to harness this opportunity galore.”

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