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Top AIML Recruitment Trends in 2021

By   /  March 2, 2021  /  Comments Off on Top AIML Recruitment Trends in 2021

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High-performing technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning have become increasingly important in recent years. Other technologies will steadily grow but technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning will creep on us. This evolution has led to an increase in AIML jobs.

Will AI be the next digital frontier amid COVID-19?

Pandemic has destroyed millions of jobs, yet many companies are expanding the use of AIML. This is helping specialists with the right skills and knowledge to engage in AIML and find themselves with better job opportunities.

Many predictions are happening around AIML, some of them are :

  • According to an Analytics Insight report, around 20 million jobs are available in AIML by 2023.
  • According to Gartner, AI is proclaimed to create 2.3 million jobs by the end of 2020, leading to a net gain of 500,000 potentially new jobs.
  • According to IDC, 75 percent of commercial apps will use AI by 2021.
  • According to Gartner, 30% of the B2B companies will employ AI to boost their sales process.

Stating that organizations across all sectors such as healthcare, education, banking, fintech, public safety have started to embrace AIML, it is obvious that skilled professionals in these technologies will be in huge demand beyond 2020.

Here are some AIML hiring insights trends.

The skills required for AIML are :

Technical skills

  1. R, Python, Java
  • Being proficient in programming languages like R, Python, Java is important as it helps in understanding the concepts like data structures and algorithms.
  1. NLP- Natural language processing
  • NLP is a subset of Artificial Intelligence that covers two wide areas of work like linguistic and computer science to understand and process human languages. This is a reason to get a good hold of NLP libraries like NLTK and techniques like the sentimental analysis.
  1. Statistics, Linear Algebra
  • Understanding Probability, Gaussian distributions, Standard deviation, and mean helps us to understand algorithms and machine learning functions.

4.Neural Network Architectures

  • Neural Network helps humans to understand and approach problems like speech recognition, translation, etc…
  • When tasks are complicated and human minds are comprehended, neural networks come into the picture.

Non-Technical Skills

  • Industry knowledge
  • Communication Skills
  • Critical Thinking

For a working professional, it is important to enhance your technical skills. To become an AI manager one needs to learn the latest technologies in-depth and a practical approach towards these technologies will help you gain an edge over other competitors. AI certification programs will win you brownie points while seeking jobs in AIML.

Top AIML  Profiles

Machine Learning Architect: Candidates recruited for this role must be an expert in cloud services like AWS, IBM, and Google Cloud and other knowledge on  NLP classification, pattern recognition, recommendation systems, targeting systems helps to build machine learning systems and data-driven products for cross-functional teams.

Machine Learning Engineer: Professionals in this role created artificial intelligence products to build machine learning models and retraining systems that could efficiently self-train.Apart from Machine learning skills, one must have statistical and programming skills.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer: Candidates recruited for this role were responsible for designing and implementing AI applications by applying available cognitive computing APIs and machine learning technologies from both internal and external stakeholders.

ML Intelligent System Researcher: Researchers were hired to work on topics related to Computing/Intelligent Systems to explore real-life problems and to identify challenges, blockers in the path of creating next-generation Machine Learning systems. They were also the firsts to see and use technologies to solve problems.

ML Applied Research Scientist: Research scientists are involved in extracting value from internal data and they also work on data collection, cleaning, pre-processing, and deploying them for production.

Here’s an example that shows the percentage of AIML profile requirement:

Top AIML Recruitment Trends in 2021


Top Companies Hiring AIML Talent in 2021

Following is a list of the top companies that are hiring AIML Talents


Location: Bangalore

Job Role: TTT – Manager – AI


  • Bachelors / Master’s degree Statistics / Engineering / MCA.
  • 4+ years of hands-on work experience with AIML techniques and tools such as neural networks, regression, classification and clustering, NLP, ARIMA algorithms.
  • Hands-on experience with any of the platforms like Unix/Linux, Hadoop, and SQL Server is a must.
  • Expertise in programming languages such as R, Python, Java is a must.

Apply here


Location: Pune

Job Role: Senior Software Engineer – Deep Learning


  • MS in Computer Science or any engineering field with 10+ years of relevant experience.
  • Hands-on with Deep Learning techniques like model design, pruning & performance optimization, etc.
  • 4+ years of experience in leading cross-module projects.
  • Software engineering background with proficiency in any programming languages such as Python, C++, or C.
  • Hands-on expertise with PyTorch, TensorRT, CuDNN.

Apply here

CGI Group, Inc.
Job Role:
AI and ML Developer
Location: Bangalore


  • Knowledge of Python and artificial intelligence.
  • Hands-on expertise with AIML and development tools.
  • Must have worked on hands-on projects implementing AI and ML algorithms.
  • Good communication skills.

Apply here

We’re living in a technology-driven era with more professionals looking to upgrade themselves with  AI certification programs crafted by industry experts. It acts as a bridge between someone who does not possess all the skills in AI and the current industry requirements, which gives an employer the confidence and credibility of the individual they’re looking to hire.

Enhance your knowledge today to map the jobs of tomorrow!

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