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Impact of Technology on Your Social Media

By   /  May 28, 2021  /  Comments Off on Impact of Technology on Your Social Media

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Our day-to-day life keeps on transforming with the advent of innovations in technologies. It is well known that today social platforms have become an integral part of people’s lives. People are spending considerable time on social media every day. The landscape of these platforms also transforms with the incorporation of new technologies. Moreover, it has become possible for social platforms to have sustainable growth mainly because of their ability to adapt to new innovations. This article will shed light on the technologies that had a considerable impact on social platforms.

The Way Smart Phones Revolutionized Social Platforms:

The possibility to use social platforms on smartphones accelerated the growth of the social media industry. The incorporation of mobile technology into the cellular phone paved the way for the rapid growth of social platforms. This technology significantly impacts social platforms since more than 90% of social media users access social applications on mobile phones. Through this, you can understand the crucial role of this technology in the development of social platforms. According to a survey conducted by Statista in October 2020, 4.08 billion people use social platforms on mobile phones. This comprises a considerable part of the total social media users. Thus, mobile technology is the root cause of the enormous growth attained by the social media industry.

 Effective Communication Through Chatbots:

Today, the business of many companies, especially those that come under the B2C industry, are largely dependent on social platforms. At present, social sales is determining the sales and profit of companies. Hence, brands are consistently researching and implementing ways to generate customers on social platforms. On the other hand, some of the social platforms allow users to make in-app purchases. Therefore, effective communication is much needed for brands on various stages of lead conversion on social media, such as convincing a prospect to take action. Eventually, if a person places an order, you may have to communicate with him regarding the order status and other stuff. Thus, communication plays a crucial role in all these processes.

This has opened gateways to chatbots as they are considered as the ideal tool for effective communication. The chatbots have the potential to answer the majority of the common queries from the customer side. Moreover, they can interact with many people at a given time. This characteristic of chatbots has fuelled up their importance during the times when social e-commerce is having a steady surge.

Chatbots are also able to convert a prospect into a customer. For instance, let me explain how the H&M chatbot that was incorporated into Facebook Messenger works. If you open the chatbot, it will greet you with a welcome message. Then, based on your preference, it will showcase the apparels and drive you to make a purchase. Thus, chatbots can perform everything in a sales funnel. According to a recent study, nearly 65% of companies have been utilizing chatbots on social platforms. Many firms are expected to incorporate chatbots in the coming times due to their wide range of applications. However, researches are still underway to equip chatbots further. Hence, they are anticipated to gain an indispensable role in social media marketing in the coming times.

Alongside Chatbots, another trend that is making rounds is the paid services. These services will maximize the reach of content on a social platform. For instance, brands can buy tiktok likes and views packages to improve the engagement of their TikTok videos.

The Advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Artificial Intelligence is aiding marketers to a vast extent in social media marketing. Today, lead generation is one of the arduous tasks in social platforms. Since billions of people are prevailing on social applications, finding the target audience among them is almost beyond the capabilities of humans. Hence, AI is getting employed to do such tasks. They can do many tasks with high accuracy and in a short time compared to humans. AI scans through the accounts in the social platform and lets you know your target audience based on the inputs you provide. Hence, the process of lead generation has been facilitated with AI tools.

Today, the content a company puts forth about it plays a vital role in convincing a prospect. It is also apt to say that content drives the growth of a company. AI also provides inputs to marketers in crafting compelling content. It also keeps track of the online activities of the prospects and customers. These data will help you craft a result-assuring social media strategy since social media marketing is dominantly data-driven. Today, most social media marketers are using an AI tool of their choice as this technology eases the majority of their tasks.

Wrapping Up:

The Social Media Industry keeps on undergoing transformation. This is the nature of this industry. New technologies constantly get added to social platforms, which transforms their landscape consistently. Hence, change is constant with regard to social media.

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