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How Fleet Companies Are Going Eco-Friendly in Today’s World

By   /  March 24, 2020  /  Comments Off on How Fleet Companies Are Going Eco-Friendly in Today’s World

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Amid the effects of global warming, the auto industry is going green in an attempt to save the environment from destructive consequences. Running a fleet company that handles a range of vehicles for different clients is not easy. Even if all vehicles are owned by the company, going green can be a major hurdle. Fortunately, some of the factors that determine if your transportation business is eco-friendly or not are legal requirements. Below are various ways that fleet companies are going green in today’s world.

Using Electric Vehicles

The use of electric cars is a perfect solution for keeping carbon emissions at bay. In the past, the fumes from vehicles have been a significant environmental hazard concern. No matter how efficient they are, gasoline vehicles can only reduce but never eliminate pollution. Electric vehicles, on the other hand, have no emissions at all. The only concern is the disposal of used batteries, which will not be a problem if this is done as per the proper guidelines. Better still, these parts can be recycled.

Using Smart Telematics

Well, this is a broad category with numerous solutions. Telematics is the use of hardware and software that transmit data from vehicles to a remote location. Fleet companies can rely on many smart telematics solutions to go eco-friendly.

  •       Using GPS trackers – apart from identifying the actual location of the vehicles, this solution plays other roles. Managers use GPS to map the shortest routes and those without a lot of traffic. As a result, they reduce the fuel burned and the emissions that go into the air if the fleet is still using gas-powered vehicles. This is why you should look for a useful source of the best GPS to install in your fleet.
  •       Surveillance systems – when it comes to going green, surveillance systems like cabin and dashboard cameras monitor the driver’s behavior to save fuel and reduce accidents. To go green, drivers need to stop unnecessary idling, using the long routes or ones with traffic, or causing preventable accidents.
  •       Driver login solutions – truck drivers use electronic login systems not only to record the hours of service but also to monitor their driving behavior. In the same way other solutions help the environment, good driving behaviors, especially those that save fuel, benefit the environment in many ways.

Vehicle Service and Repair

Proper and well-monitored vehicle service and repairs have a direct and positive impact on the environment. Fleet companies are thorough when it comes to this. Actually, many have their own garage if they manage numerous vehicles. These carefully maintained vehicles reduce emissions by running optimally and waste through making the vehicles last longer. With appropriate vehicle service management software, this will not be a big challenge.


As mentioned earlier, going green with a fleet is not that easy. But if one follows the above tips and puts some SOPs in place for all employees to follow, the process becomes simpler. Start implementing these procedures today and enjoy the benefits for your company, community, and world.

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