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The Expat’s Guide to Finding Work in Thailand

By   /  July 20, 2022  /  Comments Off on The Expat’s Guide to Finding Work in Thailand

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If you are in love with life in a tropical paradise that is Thailand, you are probably wondering how easy it would be to find gainful employment. Of course, you could take a TEFL course and start teaching English, although this is not as easy as it once was and if you have skills and qualifications, this will increase your chances of landing a job.

Recruitment Agencies

If you are very lucky, you will be recruited by a leading head hunter in Thailand, especially if you have an A1 resume. Otherwise, approach all the relevant recruitment agencies and list yourself, stating the type of work you are looking for. When a suitable position becomes available, the agency will contact you and you can apply if the job is of interest.

Prepare your CV

Of course, your CV should be professionally put together and you need to print out quite a few copies to hand out to recruitment agencies; you must speculate to accumulate and handing out your CV increases your chances of landing a plum job. Of course, the ideal scenario is to find a job before you leave for Thailand, but if that doesn’t work out, there’s still a chance of finding the right job upon arrival. It is important to have a Thai SIM and give out your number to interested parties, as you never know who might contact you.

Online Expat’s Forums

There are many expat forums online and joining these is a great way to start networking; the more connections you make, the better the chances of finding suitable employment. You should visit many of the shared workspaces that Bangkok is known for and start talking to other professional expats, which could lead to a lucky break. Click here for reasons to use staffing software.

Visas & Work Permits

One of the most difficult aspects about living in Thailand long term and if you are planning to work, you will need your employer to apply to the Thai Ministry of Labour for a work permit. We do not advise working illegally in Thailand, which could lead to jail time, deportation and even blacklisting. When you talk to a potential employer, they should explain that they will obtain you a work permit, which runs concurrently with your visa.

Online Solutions

We don’t recommend that you arrive in Thailand without any employment offers; using the Internet, you should be able to apply for a job in Thailand and maybe even interview prior to leaving. When a company hires you in an expat role, they normally offer a very attractive relocation package that includes, an accommodation budget, use of company car and driver, health insurance and even school fees for your kids if you are bringing the family on the posting.

Prior to booking your flights, make sure you know the entry requirements for arrival in Thailand, which can change at any time. Hopefully, you will find the perfect job and start a new life in the tropical paradise known as Thailand.

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