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Dinesh Bharadia, Ex-IITian, features among MIT’s Global 35 Innovators Under 35

By   /  September 16, 2016  /  Comments Off on Dinesh Bharadia, Ex-IITian, features among MIT’s Global 35 Innovators Under 35

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Mumbai: Dinesh Bharadia, an Electrical Engineering graduate of IIT Kanpur, featured among MIT Technology Review’s annual global list of Innovators Under 35.  The coveted Innovators List honors Mr  Bharadia in Inventor category. Dinesh Bharadia invented a telecommunications technology that everyone said would never work: he found a way to simultaneously transmit and receive data on the same frequency.

Now, Dinesh Bharadia, the 28-year-old Stanford PhD, is currently a researcher at MIT. Here, it can be mentioned that Mr Bharadia has been also honored for his work on full duplex radios with the 2016 Marconi Society Paul Baran Young Scholar Award. Because the signal from broadcasting a radio transmission can be 100 billion times louder than the receiving one, it was always assumed that outgoing signals would invariably drown out incoming ones. That’s why radios typically send and receive on different frequencies or rapidly alternate between transmitting and receiving. “Even textbooks kind of assumed it was impossible,” Bharadia says.

Bharadia developed hardware and software that selectively cancel the far louder outgoing transmission so that a radio can decipher the incoming message. The creation of the first full-duplex radio, which eventually could be incorporated into cell phones, should effectively double available wireless bandwidth by simply using it twice. That would be a godsend for telecom companies and consumers alike.

Bharadia took a leave of absence from his PhD studies at Stanford so he could commercialize the radio through the startup Kumu Networks. Germany-based Deutsche Telekom began testing it last year, but since Bharadia’s prototype circuit board is too large to fit in a phone, it will be up to other engineers to miniaturize it.

Among 35 innovators list other two Indian have been featured in the MIT 35 Innovators Under 35. Samay Kohli, Co-Founder & CEO, GreyOrange , found a place among the list in Entrepreneurs category while Jagdish Chaturvedi,  a one of key persons behind the accelerator InnAccel and has pioneered the low-cost medical devices, found a place in the Humanitarians category.

Founded at MIT in 1899, MIT Technology Review is an independent media company whose mission is to equip audiences with the intelligence to understand and contribute to a world shaped by technology. MIT Technology Review is first to report on a broad range of new technologies, informing our audiences about how important breakthroughs will impact their careers and lives.

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