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How to prepare for a successful banking job interview?

By   /  September 8, 2016  /  Comments Off on How to prepare for a successful banking job interview?

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By Hasibuddin Ahmed, New Delhi: The banking industry of India is a consolidated and well-regulated sector. The market size of the industry is very large when compared to other top industries in India, with more than 26 public sector banks, 25 private sector banks, 43 foreign banks and numerous regional banks. This has made the banking industry an attractive option for those who are looking for government jobs  in the banking sector or even lucrative career opportunities in the private banks.

Most of the government banks in India conduct recruitment tests and interviews for hiring new employees. These are highly competitive examinations like IBPS PO, SBI PO, and some organisations even conduct their own interview process. The interview process is the last step to be held usually and is the only thing between you and a coveted job contract.

There are a lot of questions that comes to everyone who is preparing for the banking interviews. What kind of questions needs to be prepared or how should one behave in the interview? Check out the following bits of advice to be successful in a bank interview:


Communication is the essence of an interview. It is only through proper communicationthat you can make the interviewer have a good impression. Also, through it, you can make sure that they understand the answers that you give and that your ideas are clear enough for them to understand. Employees in the banking industry should have good communication skills as it is a service-based one. So, the interviewers will keep that in mind too.

Most of the interviews are held in English and if you are not a fluent English speaker, it may cause problems to you. You will have to prepare a lot to be able to converse properly. It is easy, though, once you get the hang of it. Practice is very important when it comes to communication.

Body Language

The first thing that an interviewer will notice is your body language and it is important to make sure that you have a good body language. Again, in the banking industry, one has to be in contact with clients regularly and so a positive body language is an important part of your professional life.

Body language comes with practice too. You may not even know that you have a negative body language unless you see yourself, which is difficult at times. To get a good body language, you need to practice in front of a mirror and see what improvements you need to make.

Subject knowledge

If you education background is something which is not related banking industry, you might not have considerable knowledge. It is always good to have basic knowledge of the banking industry. It is evident that you will not know much, but some of the common terms like credit rate, repo rate, inflation, etc. will help you to show that you have an interest in the field.

Current Affairs

Be always updated on the latest news regarding the banking industry. Any recent RBI changes or change in interest rates of the banks or laws regarding the banking industry, make sure you are staying updated on all these current affairs. Subscribe for a good national newspaper and one or two popular current affairs magazine. You can also follow some of the prominent business newspapers online or through their social media sites.

Personality questions

Most of these questions will be directed towards you. The interviewers will seek to know if you will be a good fit with their organisation and perform well under certain environments or circumstances. They will ask questions regarding their organisation; how well do you know about them? The interviewers will ask about your strengths and weaknesses, about your motivations and expectations.

The key to every successful interview is practice and preparation. The more you are prepared, the less you feel stressed and the less you feel stress, the better you perform. Used the above pieces of advice and prepare well ahead for your interview.

Best of Luck!


Author the Author: Hasib is a professional writer working with one of the top job sites in India – naukri.com.  As a career coach, he helps professionals in making decisions related to career and job opportunities. He is an avid reader and lives for two things – football and food. Follow him @ twitter, Google+, LinkedIn

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