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Well being at Work: India has the happiest employees

By   /  July 26, 2016  /  Comments Off on Well being at Work: India has the happiest employees

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Mumbai: Globally there is a trend that employees have a habit to complain about work. On the ground, a significant number of employees are happy with their works. Globally, on an average 7 in 10 employees are satisfied with their well- being at work, as per Edenred-Ipsos Barometer research report on employee well being. Nearly nine out of ten employees in India are feeling positive about their work, which is highest among surveyed 15 countries. The survey report covered more than 14,000 employees in 15 countries including the USA, the UK, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, India about their well being at work.

The report reveals that 71% of the employees interviewed are positive about their well-being at work. India holds the record for satisfaction with 88% of Indian employees positive about their well-being while Japan, on the other hand, is far behind the other countries, with only 44% of Japanese employees saying they are content with their job. Countries in the Americas (Mexico, the United States, Chile and Brazil) are at the top of the list, right after India, whereas Europe is behind high-growth markets.

The Edenred-Ipsos Barometer identified 10 items related to well-being at work, divided into three broad parameters: Environment (employee’s equation with his/her work environment), appreciation (respect shown by management, skills management, etc.), emotion (employee’s interest in the job, its stimulating nature, etc.).

India, Mexico, Brazil and Chile, where the scores are the highest for all the items linked to well-being at work, and more specifically the most positive about emotion parameters reflecting they are enjoying coming to work in the morning, have great interest in the job and confidence in their own professional future.

What the reports say for HR and Talent managers! What elements in employee engagement have great impact on employee well-being? Perhaps, the answer is skill management as it is currently the main expectation of employees.  Nearly 81% of employees said their company has an active policy for diversity, 76% for the integration of young people, and 74% for health at work. However, only 68% of employees consider that their company currently has an active policy for the transmission and renewal of skills, and this figure is 64% for ‘end of career’ management.

Hence, implementing a policy for skill management will boost the perception of employees and remove negative score for well-being.

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