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Innovative Teaching Strategies Used by Homeschool Tutors

By   /  May 20, 2024  /  Comments Off on Innovative Teaching Strategies Used by Homeschool Tutors

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Homeschooling can be less fruitful unless a homeschool tutor applies innovative strategies to teach the student. While the main goal is to help the student navigate the difficulties of learning at home, a professional tutor can bring innovative teaching strategies that also grow a child in other ways. 

This article will help parents, guardians, and students understand how a tutor works to bring success. So, let’s look at the innovative teaching strategies of a homeschool tutor.

Personalized Learning

The first innovative strategy used by a homeschool tutor is personalized learning. Personalized learning involves giving a student a one-on-one learning experience at home or somewhere else such as a public library. The tutor makes a personalized learning plan to suit the needs of the student. Therefore, they start by assessing their strengths and weaknesses and then address them through personalized learning. 

Flexible Scheduling

One of the benefits of homeschooling is a flexible schedule for the student, family, and the tutors themselves. When homeschool tutor takes over, they are responsible for making the study schedule for the student. A professional tutor uses a flexible schedule to accommodate a student’s activities, family plans, and more. Apart from this, they can also change the schedule at any time while still following the recommended learning curriculum.

Outdoor Learning

Every student appreciates learning practical things. A homeschool tutor will definitely use this to attract interest students, especially in their strong areas. It is the responsibility of a tutor to make a schedule that incorporates outdoor learning for various subjects while creating a balance with indoor learning. Parents can also help with outdoor learning to make this strategy a success. 

Including Interesting Projects 

Although tutors follow the recommended curriculum strictly to avoid deviated learning, they coin each subject and topic to include a lot of projects. Most students prefer this kind of learning as opposed to a classroom setup. This includes exploring practical problems and solving them to ignite and promote critical thinking.

Peer Collaboration

Homeschooling can be mistaken for a lonely journey where students learn alone at home. Well, it can be, unless there are planned activities where a student interacts with their peers. A homeschool tutor is in a better position to facilitate peer collaboration for their different students. They use this to help the students socialize, discuss their learning journey, and even participate in group studies away from a classroom setup.

Sharing of Resources

A tutor can facilitate the sharing of resources among different students they teach. Even though each student is given personalized attention, the tutor may come up with shared activities such as access to a public library, practical class laboratories, and physical activity resources such as sports. This creates exposure for students and allows them to learn how to share as well. 


Parents and guardians should hire a homeschool tutor who is innovative enough to promote better learning in a student. If you want such a tutor, research well and find one near you. Now that you know, it is time to make a change in the learning life of your child.

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