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Summarizer.org: A Powerful Toolkit for University Students to Elevate Their Assignments

By   /  May 20, 2024  /  Comments Off on Summarizer.org: A Powerful Toolkit for University Students to Elevate Their Assignments

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University students have a lot of things to do to accomplish good academic scores, such as writing a thesis, attending seminars and lectures, performing practical experiments, etc.

Writing academic assignments is something most students find challenging. This is because it involves reading lengthy research papers and writing to the point to convey your message.

There are many resources available on the internet, which students can consider relying on to add a lot of convenience to their lives. We are not asking to fully depend on these resources for academic assignments. Instead, students should take it as an assistance to complete their academic writing tasks.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss one such online resource, Summarizer.org. It’s an online writing toolkit that students can use to improve their assignment writing. So, keep reading to learn how it can prove useful.

Ways Summarizer.org Can Assist University Students with Their Assignments

Summarizer.org is an online platform offering an impressive set of tools that university students can use to improve and accelerate their assignment writing process. The reason it is gaining traction among university students is that its basic tool versions are free and come with unlimited usage attempts. Although it offers many tools, we’ll discuss only those that can help students improve their assignment writing.

Let’s explore them one by one below:

Summarizer – Prompts Concise Writing and Helps in Organizing Research Data

Students need to write to the point to convey their opinion. Examiners appreciate concise writing because it is easy to read. However, many students find it hard to maintain conciseness in their writing. It’s about maintaining a perfect balance between being precise and concise.

Summarizer can help them add conciseness to their academic writing. The tool uses AI technology to condense lengthy texts into short summaries with utmost efficiency. It can also serve them as a learning tool to improve their writing.

Moreover, students can also use this tool to organize their research data.  Students have to go through several lengthy text files to find the relevant data that supports their point.

Doing it manually seems like a tough job, and there is always the possibility of human errors like skipping the important parts. Having summaries of all the pertinent research files will help students classify and compile their research data.

Let’s have an example involving the use of this AI text summarizer. We’ll insert an academic text titled ‘’The Effects of Climate Change on Earth’’ into the tool and see how it goes.

Here’s what the tool came up with:


As you can see in the above picture, the summarizer did a good job of condensing 786 words into 169 words. It would have taken us a lot of time if we had to do it manually.

We kept the summarization bar near to ‘’short’’ to ensure the resulting summary isn’t lengthy. This is how students can use the Summarizer tool to improve their concise writing skills and create summaries of lengthy research files, which are necessary for their academic assignments.

Paraphrase Tool – Improves Clarity and Eliminates Accidental Plagiarism

Academic writing should be clear and free from plagiarism. An assignment that lacks clarity or has plagiarized content is unlikely to yield any good results. Falling victim to unintentional plagiarism is common because students often need to quote others in their assignments to make their points.

They can use the Paraphrase Tool to eliminate redundancy and accidental plagiarism from their assignments. Just add any piece of text that is redundant or has few plagiarism instances, the tool will fix it by replacing existing wording with new one.

Let’s test this tool and see if it can remove plagiarism and turn highly redundant text into an engaging one. We’ll insert the following text into the tool:

Input Text:

‘’The continually and consistently increasing number of everyday human activities that occur commonly is the primary and main underlying root cause reason as to why our one and only planet that we all inhabit and reside on jointly is, unfortunately, beginning to deteriorate and degrade in its overall environmental quality and condition. We all must take prompt and immediate action right now in the present time to help save and preserve our special planet Earth that we call home.’’

Tool’s Output:

‘’The increasing number of human actions is the main reason why our planet is weakening. We must act now to save our planet Earth. Saying no to all the products made of plastics, saving water, and switching to sustainable living are some of the ways we can counter this problem.’’

As you can see above, the Paraphrase Tool did a great job of turning highly redundant text into easy-to-read text. Now, we’ll run the plagiarism test on the resulting text to see if it’s 100% unique.

As you can observe, the resulting test doesn’t have any plagiarism. This is how students can get assistance from this tool to add clarity and remove unintentional plagiarism from their academic assignments.

Conclusion Generator – Produces High-Quality Conclusion Paragraphs

Students often struggle to find the right wording to conclude their assignments. A poorly written conclusion paragraph can negatively affect their work. This is where the Conclusion Generator can offer assistance.

Students can learn what to include in the conclusion paragraph by using this tool. Let’s have an example where we’ll insert a lengthy text into the tool to see how that goes.

Here’s what the tool came up with:

As you can see in the above picture, the tool smartly produces a conclusion paragraph, highlighting all the points of the input text. This is how students can use this tool to elevate their assignment writing.

Final Words

Summarizer.org is a useful toolkit that can go a long way toward assisting university students with their academic writing tasks. It has several valuable writing tools, including Summarizer, Paraphrase Tool, and Conclusion Generator. All of them have the potential to serve students in different ways. 

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